Why YouTube and Facebook are spanking the ‘traditional’ TV Networks and Cable TV

Why YouTube and Facebook are spanking the ‘traditional’ TV Networks and Cable TV

By Geoff De Weaver, CEO + Founder of Touchpoint Entertainment Inc.

Why YouTube and Facebook are spanking the ‘traditional’ TV Networks and Cable TV
Why YouTube and Facebook are spanking the ‘traditional’ TV Networks and Cable TV

Major brands and marketers globally are looking for highly targeted, engaged and active communities of loyal fans to build even bigger tribes and sell more products and services.

The ‘next generation’ of young and smart Chief Digital Officers (CDO’s), CMO’s and CEO’s are looking to shift huge marketing budgets to digital, mobile, programmatic media and social media budgets. The days where TV and Cable TV companies could impact over 20-30% of American audiences with a 60 second TVC on Sunday Night Movie, are long dead. In fact, attention and ad dollars have been bleeding out of Television and Cable TV since the likes of Facebook and YouTube hit the digital landscape.

Smart Marketers in 2015 are Boosting their Content Ecosystem With Video

I was listening to Google’s earning’s call on July 16 and was taken by the fact, that YouTube is now bigger than Cable TV and surging. In fact, YouTube is bigger than any single U.S. cable network among the key demographic that includes those ages 18 to 49 years. And, having worked in the Multinational Advertising space for some two decades on brands like: IBM, VISA, Coca-Cola, E*Trade, Unilever and others – we all know that most brands are actively trying to target this highly prized demographic segment.

Interesting to hear, Omid Kordestani, (Google’s Chief Business Officer) state that visitors to YouTube’s homepage are up over three times Y-O-Y (year-over-year) and once there, they’re spending more time watching videos on the site than ever before.

Growth in “watch time” on YouTube is now up 60 percent year-over-year, the company said – which is the fastest growth rate it has seen in two years. Meanwhile, mobile watch time has more than doubled from a year ago.

Additionally, during the Google Earning call, some other interesting points announced included:

  1. On mobile, YouTube is now seeing average session times of over 40 minutes,  Kordestani stated, which is up more than 50% over last year.
  1. There is a massive ‘Sea Change’ in the way that people today are consuming video content today – consumers are no longer spending as much time watching big screen TV in living rooms, but are shifting much of our viewing to other platforms, including our phones and tablets. (even via gaming consoles and live streaming directly to their laptops and digital TV’s too)
  1. Like Facebook, YouTube – sharing networks are no longer just a place users land to watch a single video – like something they’ve been pointed to via a friend, or a post on social media or a news site, for example. Instead, YouTube and Facebook now serve as a place where users are watching a series of videos back-to-back. Thus, further encroaching upon traditional TV and Cable Networks – much to the demise of ‘traditional’ Advertising Agencies and old School Marketers.
  1. With Facebook now having over 1.4 billion members and YouTube’s video numbers escalating over recent quarters – both site’s success is becoming more of a ‘discovery platform’ for video content, with its recommended and related video suggestions, and tools that let users track their favorite web-series, music video’s, sporting events and shows.
  1. According to a recent study from Miner & Co., TV is no longer the first choice for kids’ entertainment with 57% of parents reporting that their child prefers mobile devices to TV when it comes to video viewing. Importantly, in the Miner & Co research, I thought this point was especially telling. Their research stated –

TV has become the ‘second’ or even third screen of choice for many of these kids – so much so that nearly 50% of parents say that when their kids misbehave, to punish them, they take away their tablet and make them just ‘watch TV instead’– creating a generation of kids for whom ‘TV is punishment.’

Television is Now the Second Screen for Kids with Tablets
Television is Now the Second Screen for Kids with Tablets

   6.  At the Facebook F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco this past March, I remember thinking      the following statement would send cold shivers through TV, Cable and Ad Industry exec’s too:

“There are 3 billion video’s viewed on Facebook on a daily basis with 65% of those viewed on mobile devices.’ AND…’ With 53% of video views coming from shares.”

7. Both YouTube and Facebook are using their deep analytics, big data strategies, data driven insights, mobile and social media marketing expertise to better understand their audiences than the old school TV, Cable TV and Ad Industry Media Folks.

I predict Facebook and YouTube will only continue to obtain more leverage, momentum, and create digital disruption because they excel creating a ‘Single Customer View’, building ‘Lifecycle Marketing Strategies’, developing rich customer relationships, providing outstanding customer experiences and developing data-driven insights and ideas.

In fact, I love the face that at Facebook F8 Developer Conference 2015, Facebook even signaled to their rapid growth in video is due to listening, helping and engaging directly with developers and customers and making their entertainment experiences even more engaging. That’s why Facebook and YouTube are powering in 2015 and beyond.

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Geoff has a global 25-year background of representing some of the world’s most iconic worldwide brands including: Coca Cola, IBM, IMG, P&G, Microsoft, Nike, British Airways, Wells Fargo, E*Trade, Nestle, Air France, AT&T, VISA, Unilever, EA.com, Ferrari, American Express, P&G, Acer Computers, BMW, Shutterfly.com, Mars, Pfizer, OzEmail Internet, TiVo, EarthLink Internet and others.

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