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Without a doubt, Twitter’s strength over every other social network today is the ability to instantly transmit the latest breaking news AND sports instantly and in real-time  – supplying real time information, scores, results images and video worldwide. In this post, I am going to focus on one of my greatest passions – sports and sports marketing.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, global sports market revenues will rise at a compound annual growth rate of 3.7% from US$121.4 billion in 2010 to US$145.3 billion in 2015.

I expect to see further area of convergence between sport and entertainment, especially because the rising use of social media marketing, big data and the immediacy and importance of breaking news, stories, player stats, scores and results.

Social media marketing allows fans to get closer to athletes and sports personalities, and provides sponsors with an opportunity for two-way communication, thus enabling them both to embed their brand, and also to understand and manage how fans perceive the brand.

As people have become used to voting for their favorite acts on television programs such as the X-Factor, WWE Smackdown, NBA, NFL, American Idol, etc. – fans and sports fans increasingly want to be involved in their chosen sports via social media sites.

When Shakira with over 107 million Facebook fans Tweets, her fans and community listen. Check Shakira out on Twitter at: @shakira  (Yes, approximately 34 million Twitter Followers and fans too!) 

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Why Twitter?

Twitter is my medium of choice as a sports fan and fanatic because its fast paced environment lends itself better to television. Twitter partners and has acquired numerous innovative tech companies like Vine, Periscope (e.g. a live-streaming app) and are  only enhancing the Twitter platform.

I personally love the recent addition of Periscope (Twitter launched in March this year)  because when you open Periscope, you can see live broadcasts real-time globally or watch recently recorded ones. Periscope allows both public and private broadcasts. You’ll be able to blast out a link to your stream to Twitter and have it show up on the Periscope home screen, or alternatively privately invite a few friends to watch. All Sports Teams need to consider integrating this immediately.

The main advantage of Twitter for television and live sporting events, is that it allows television producers, sports networks and advertisers to get instantaneous feedback about their programming.

Fans and consumers will often tweet in real-time during the show about what has already happened or even about what they think is going to happen. Producers, sporting network owners and media companies then know what people liked and disliked about the show within minutes and in some instances seconds – rather than waiting hours and days or months to write and report about it.

Secondly, Twitter is conversational and more open to active debates, especially while a show is actually airing live. In fact, a recent Nielsen Study reported that 33% of all users on Twitter Tweeted about Television Shows during the month June 2015 this year.

In short, television shows cannot afford to ignore Twitter.

Here, we’ll look at Top 10 TV events on Twitter during ’14-15 TV season that are really leveraging the power of Twitter to engage and grow their audiences.

Top 10 TV events on Twitter during '14-15 TV season
Top 10 TV events on Twitter during ’14-15 TV season

Note: Super Bowl XLIX on NBC this past February was the most-Tweeted event on TV during the ’14-15 TV season, with several other sporting events performing strongly, according to data from Nielsen. The Patriots-Seahawks matchup on Feb. 1, 2015 had 16.1 million people seeing Tweets about the game, halftime show and ads. A total of 25.1 million tweets were sent about the event.


Sports fans are connected and passionate: 41% plus of all TV-related Tweets are about sports programming, although sporting accounts for only 1.3% of all TV programming. (Attention all marketers – take note!)

Additionally, do you remember who stole the headlines at Super Bowl XLIX?  Tom Brady, Malcolm Butler Katy Perry or maybe even Bill Belichick? Nope.

It was the Super Bowl Shark. Thanks to Twitter and the thousands of people RAVING about “Left Shark’. In fact, shortly after that performance with Katy Perry, “Left Shark” even has its own Twitter account! That’s power, impact and a sure way to ‘trend’ globally! #leftshark

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.26.47 PM

Marketers who can connect to sports fans have a captive audience. For sports such as football, basketball, soccer which compete with the holiday shopping season for attention, it’s crucial to deliver the right message in the right environment at the right time.

Additionally, from my perspective, I think from a sports fan perspective Twitter is perfect for impacting me at exactly the times when I am most engaged and active with my favorite sporting teams, events and players and is a great place for fans to:

  1. Buy more Tickets and Merchandise.
  2. Drive more Conversion of Ticket Sales
  3. Grow Sponsorship, Advertising, and Research.
  4. Engage more with fans, create more BUZZ, drive up viewership, build more insights via data and extend reach and influence.

Bottom-line: I think all Producers, sporting network owners and media companies need to embrace Twitter, Technology and Digital or Die – especially when it comes to sport and sports marketing. The business of sports must continue to have laser focus on the importance of every raving sports fan and their tribe. Twitter is a great way to offer personalized fan experiences in venue or at home.



Finally, with approximately 10 -15 of every 20 Tweets worldwide is about sports – if you don’t jump on the Northbound Train…your pictures, stories, video’s, photos wouldn’t add the value to your brand or business growth you deserve. Sports fans have come to demand real-time results and highlights all around the world. Twitter is a super way to tell stories, excel at content marketing and make your fans raving, loyal customers!




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