Following on from Part 1 of my last article, where I was talking about driving new business in January 2017 (Q1 2017), this final quarter 2016 – all CEO’s, Boards and new Business Director’s certainly know if they are going to hit 2016 numbers or not.

BUT, for those of you who are planning an exceptional NEW BUSINESS RESULTS in 2017, I thought I would share even more of my insights based on today’s global business landscape, which is accelerating and more competitive than any other time in history.

The ‘old days’ in brand advertising (1950’s – early 1990’s) where pure creative agencies could just ‘Woo’  clients with expensive,  over the top, highly art directed and produced TVC’s, or long ‘booze filled’ launches are long gone.

In fact, in my opinion, I have seen this decline since the “Multi-media’ ages e.g. PRE –Dot com days, circa early 1990’s. I am amazed, even today in 2016, many major brand agencies still focus on the House Reel and their ‘creative reputation’ as their primary focus.

I say, they are like ‘ostriches’ with their heads in the sand. In total denial and petrified of the ‘always-on’, mobile, social, digital world.

Sticking your head in the sand just does NOT work in 2017 and beyond.


Today, I am here to tell you the winners in New Business, Growth and Leadership will be the TOP 1% who understand, success in 2017 is all about – always having a “full pipeline” of both inbound and outbound new business leads – 24/7/365.

And, not just kicking off in January for a few months or going into a full press after losing a highly valued account or brand mid-year. New Business today is all about: CONSISTENCY, STABILITY, UNITY, FOCUS, BEING TRIUMPHANT, HAVING DETERMINATION, PASSION and the ability to GRIND HARD UNTIL COMPLETION.

How to immediately improve your inbound and outbound new business pipelines:

  1. Exploit social media marketing (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc)  to push out more Press Releases on account wins, creative awards, breakthrough creative and media campaigns, senior appointments, and highlight all major research that agency has performed, etc.
  2. Business Development must regularly email databases of prospects interesting research, account wins, etc. This emailing “sows the seeds” and creates top of mind awareness again for the agency/company
  3. Importantly, I always recommend and advocate to Speak at Conferences locally, nationally and internationally every opportunity you get.

On new business, leadership and just being successful in life, I have always stated,

‘Today’s Winners and Leaders spend 5% of their time on the problem & 95% of their time on the solution. E.g. winning more business and driving more revenue into the company. The best of the best, just get over the problems and issues and crush it daily. END of Story. ‘

I also think, if you don’t have this attitude, move over and find someone that will roll up their sleeves and get it done, daily.

I always think before any company or any person pushes the button to drive their new business efforts, it is critical to set the business and marketing objectives PRIOR.

Some of the basic NEW BUSINESS Objectives I always suggest and recommend are:

  • Clearly state all new business targets i.e. double size of existing business in NYC office, winning a major automotive account, etc.
  • Target brands that are market leaders, stabile, and have global reach – I have come to the conclusion, smallish account takes almost as much time to develop and strategically plan for as a massive account BUT, the revenues and margins are often much smaller in comparison. BE SMART + EFFECTIVE
  • Make your Agency or BRAND highly visible (again) i.e. getting short-listed because your brand is “top-of-mind” and you are know for being very customer-centric and develop compelling brand experiences
  • Deliver an exceptional brand experience coupled with innovation – this is critical to become a leader, win an ‘unfair’ advantage and increase your ‘Batting Average’.
  • Uncover more leads, close prospects faster and win more pitches.
  • Winning the Client Tour – first impressions and lasting impressions:
    • Having run New Business teams in New York City and San Francisco, I can tell you nationally, the best Search consultants strongly stress the importance of the agency tour before appointing an agency.
    • The agency tour can be a major differentiator between competing Agencies – don’t ever downplay or discount this first interaction. NEVER.
    • Key elements include: client clusters, impact areas, process walls, interest points, sight gags, range-of-service spots, and more. And, throughout the tour, your chemistry has to sparkle through
    • It’s the tie-breaker, the thing that separates agencies
      from each other.  It’s a living, breathing demonstration of what working with your Agency of Company might be like, and clients love it when you do the tour right. I even think menu’s, music, flowers and aroma’s all be discussed too. Every little detail can make the difference between huge success or not.
  • Make sure you use Social Media Monitoring and Social Listening tools.  Not just the lazy, outdated sources traditionally used by Multinational Ad Agencies including: Pearlfinder, SharpSpring, Mintel, The List, RedBooks, Winmo, Ad Age, Advertising Week or other sources like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes or other ‘delayed’ publications.  In fact, by the time you hear of an opportunity – the short-list is already  filed up. All NEW BUSINESS is about connections, urgency, delivering way more value and delivering massive results from Day One!.

Other thoughts on New Business in 2017:

  • If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. So, if you want a superior Batting Average in 2017 – step up daily and make it happen.
  • For changes to any business or new business be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting, consistent and done with passion.
  • And, as the great Tony Robbins once stated ‘ “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” 

In summary, only through actionable insight in 2017, predictive analysis, trend spotting and targeted key decision maker information, can brands, agencies or clients stay ahead of emerging trends in this digital disruptive environment.

Additionally, know how to stay in touch. Following up comes down to knowing where your audience is and, simply asking what’s the best way is to get in touch with them from the start. Inquire how they prefer to get their information and be contacted, whether it’s via business email, Facebook, or text, Twitter or a phone call. I always remind my team, spend your time being places where your audience is.

And, if you want to ensure you have a clear view of what decision-makers’ priorities are and what their timelines are regarding real-time national and global new business opportunities – and if you want to connect with a seasoned, time tested, proven Rainmaker – reach me here today: geofff@geoffdeweaver.com


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