Top FIVE reasons for a Sponsorship Deal

Top FIVE reasons for a Sponsorship Deal

By Geoff De Weaver, CEO + Founder of Touchpoint Entertainment Inc.


After working on major global brands like: Air France, EA Sport, E*Trade, IMG, Unilever, Acer Computers, Weight Watchers, BMW and IBM over the past 20 plus years globally, I thought it might assist you to understand, what Fortune 500’s and major non-profits are hoping to gain from sponsoring celebrities. Here are my top five reasons they seek such partners today:

  1. To deliver amazing, relevant, best-of-breed, new content to their audiences. Importantly, major brands are very receptive to partnering with influencers, leaders and thought leaders with a similar ‘community’ or marketing edge in their main product or service area. For example, if you have a large and socially active community of followers that are regular readers, LIKE, Share and post comments in areas such as social business, cloud, big data or mobile – you will find innovative and progressive companies/brands in the Telecommunications, Internet, Software or Hardware space for example – are a super potential partner in the nominated areas.
  1. To create unique customer experiences. In an age where it is increasing difficult to cut through the noise and get your corporate or branding message out, this has become a very popular form of sponsorship. Large companies can easily afford to advertise to get new targeted customers but they’d prefer to give the consumer an experience they will always remember. E.g. Samsung recently partnering with Rhianna, (shown above) And, yes, Rihanna is getting her money’s worth too! As she has inked an unprecedented $25 million deal with Samsung to sponsor her upcoming album and tour. Then there’s Pepsi and Beyoncé or even Roc Nation’s established long and profitable history with Samsung. In 2013, this South Korean electronics giant even bought 1 million copies of Jay Z’s album Magna Carta’s, Holy Grail and distributed them for free via its Galaxy devices.

Other types of events might be giving away tickets to an author event or sponsoring an online contest on a social media website like Facebook or Twitter. The key is to give consumers an experience they will talk about with their friends and family thus creating a viral advertising effect. Importantly, companies and brands today really love this because it makes them seem current and on board with cutting edge technology and customer experience.

  1. To showcase Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Corporations and leading brands are extremely conscious of their image and customer experiences. They also want great public relations opportunities to show they are doing socially great deeds for the community and world. They want to help promote causes, especially if they can find a way to tie it into their product or corporate message. A great example is a friend I admire immensely, Nadine Hack who founded and runs a global consultancy currently headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland called beCause Global Consulting.

Be sure to check out Nadine’s very worthy causes at Nadine provides her clients with a range of services including, strategic action plans, leadership development, organizational change management and executive coaching. Clients have included: UN Secretariat departments and agencies including: HCHR, UNDP, UNIFEM, UNEP, UNICEF and UNHCHR and Nelson Mandela Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and more.

So if you’d like to help disadvantaged youth, injured Veterans, victims of Domestic Violence, cancer survivors or reduce climate change, there’s certainly a major Fortune 500 company or global non-profit that would love to give you its golden stamp of approval, a budget to help, and their logo to use in your PR and marketing campaign, particularly if they care deeply about corporate social responsibility. (CSR)

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.47.48 AM

4. To generate sales.

Companies will also partner with you to bring new attention and awareness to what they are already marketing and selling. This could entail having you create a DVD, downloadable podcast, live Webinar or speaking tour to go along with your book. For example: if your company wants to reach more Hispanic Americans, they might also be interested in partnering with authors or artists that are already popular with Hispanic-Americans. They could probably use your DVD, webinar, podcast or book to create a new affinity and generate greater reach and more sales.

5. To integrate and complement current marketing initiatives.

Companies that are focused on reaching other specific target demographics such as: iPhone6 owners, golfers, tennis players, Audi R8 owners, etc. will often want to partner with you if your webinar, podcast, book or service corresponds with that target demographic. This is called alignment. Here’s an example of how this would work. A company like Tesla, which is highly focused on preserving and protecting the environment has always stressed that their cars are leading the way to reduce the carbon emissions from millions of automobiles globally. So if your book or project shares the same philosophy, it would be a natural fit to partner with them.

Finally, successful partnerships are all about synergy and staying passionate AND leveraging your expertise!


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More About Geoff De Weaver:


Hailing originally from New York; Geoff De Weaver is the globally experienced entrepreneur, technology disruptor, trend hunter and keynote speaker behind Touchpoint Entertainment Inc. Geoff is an international business executive with 25+ years experience on five continents in the rapidly-changing media, digital, telecommunications, communications and entertainment industries.

Geoff has a global 25-year background of representing some of the world’s most iconic worldwide brands including: Coca Cola, IBM, IMG, P&G, Microsoft, Nike, British Airways, Wells Fargo, EA Sports, MasterCard,,, E*Trade, Nestle, Air France, AT&T, VISA, Unilever,, Ferrari, American Express, P&G, Trend Micro, Acer Computers, BMW,, Mars, Pfizer, TiVo, EarthLink Internet, American Express, Telstra, Weight Watchers and others.

As CEO + Founder of Touchpoint Entertainment Inc., the ‘next-generation’ Social Media Marketing, Big Data and Live Event Company – streams live to over 1.55 Billion  fans globally and delivers authentic brand experiences worldwide.  I help brands bridge the gap between CONTENT, COMMUNITY + COMMERCE and delivers authentic brand experiences worldwide. Geoff also has comfort in operating in truly globalized markets.

C-Level, Marketing Strategy, Digital and Communications Leader with Global Experience – including: US (New York City + San Francisco), Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Columbia, Finland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Netherlands, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, China, Indonesia and Canada. Geoff has served as a non-executive director, director and advisory boards.

  • Geoff has served as a non-executive director, director and advisory boards
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