The Story of my DNA & & AMERICAN ANCESTRY…

The Story of my DNA & & AMERICAN ANCESTRY…

After recently having a fascinating discussion with a great friend, and the daughter of two incredible Georgia patriots, I learned that her mother is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution ( )

And, as a Daughter of the American Revolution (DAR) – these awesome Americans are the incredible Patriots that built all the roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways across our wonderful nation.

Importantly, today DAR Member’s (Patriots) still display the “love of country” is evident in the multitude of patriotic endeavors they pursue even in 2021.

I also learned my friends direct ancestor was in the regiment with George Washington in the Battle of York when they captured Lord Cornwallis. YES…I was thrilled to learn about her incredible story and ancestry!

After jumping off the call, I was inspired to ‘dig deeper’ into my parental & maternal genetic reports from  AND, start studying even more both my ancestry, as family history can offer some valuable insights and even potentially help me connect with my DNA relatives and cousins!

And, as I have said before – I think to totally understand your future, you must always learn more from the past, to focus on your strengths, capabilities and make a significant impact based on your diet, environment and other factors which can influence aspects of your appearance, behavior, and physiology.

Additionally, this article is a follow up to an article I wrote and published on LinkedIn on October 10, 2016. E.g. ANALYZE THE PAST TO PREPARE FOR SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE URL: 

As I wrote on this topic in the past – I believe more than ever, the most successful people today are people that studying the past, review history, fail, get back up and improve a few degrees every day.

Additionally, I was able to learn with great detail that my personal Ancestry information and history to illustrate the background that was genetically programed in me for over  17,000 plus years too.

Having previously learned stories about some of my ancestors including Sir James Watts (the Scottish inventor and engineer – well renowned for his improvements in steam engine technology); Maureen Kathleen Stewart Forrester, CC OQ (July 25, 1930 – June 16, 2010) and John Adams (October 30, 1735) and others. And, I was excited to learn that I even have a direct DNA bloodline connection to Emperor Nicholas II of Russia. And, as we know, Nicholas II was the last tsar of Russia under Romanov rule. (e.g. Paternal ‘haplogroups’ are families of Y chromosomes that all trace back to a single mutation at a specific place and time.)

I was in awe, that after talking with a great friend in Georgia – I learned she had an ancestor in the regiment with George Washington in the Battle of York when they captured Lord Cornwallis.

Picture: My Ancestry Composition and DNA.

I was inspired to ‘dig deeper’ into my parental genetic reports of both my paternal and maternal ancestry, as family history can offer some valuable insights and even potentially help me connect with my DNA relatives. And, I was especially interested to see how my DNA which initially commenced in Europe ended up

This is some of the information I have newly discovered about my background, family history, ancestry, personalized genetic health, and chromosomes from 23andMe. URL: , (a Mountain View, California based Biotechnology company and asked them about their saliva-based DNA service (in fact, the company is named for the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a normal human cell)

Picture: My Maternal & Paternal Haplogroup

Note: The British Isles have been continuously occupied by humans for the last 11,000 years, but more recently, the people of the Isles have left their genetic fingerprints around the world, following centuries of nautical exploration, colonization, and immigration. In the early 20th century, the Republic of Ireland won its independence from the United Kingdom, but the people of these nations share a common genetic heritage rooted largely in Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking migrations from northwestern Europe.

MY CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC PRESIDENTIAL Bloodline: John Adams (2nd President), John Quincy Adams (6th President), Zachary Taylor (12th President) & James Buchanan (15th President)

To start out with, I define the “Constitutional Republic” as: “A constitutional republic is a state where the chief executive and representatives are elected, and the rules are set down in a written Constitution. (e.g. George Washington 1789 until Ulysses S. Grant 1871)

The head of state and other representatives are elected  but they do not have uncontrolled power. What their power is limited to is written in the constitution. If there is dispute about what the constitution means, this is decided by a court system that is independent from the representatives.

I too agree and still strongly support in 2021 when James Madison, the father of the U.S. Constitution and primary author of the Bill of Rights, repeatedly emphasized that the United States is a “republic” and not a “democracy.”

I am especially proud that John Adams who was one of the original “Founding Fathers” — including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe and Benjamin Franklin — together with several other key players of their time, structured the democratic government of the United States and left a legacy that has shaped the world.

Importantly, I loved learning – John Adams once said that a constitutional republic was a government of laws, and not of men“.

                                     Picture: John Adams Jr.

John Adams and I share DNA e.g. Ancestry Composition (DNA is what makes you uniquely you. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, sometimes called “the molecule of life,” as almost all organisms have their genetic material codified as DNA.)

DNA contains the instructions needed for an organism to develop, survive and reproduce.

So here are my European/American ancestry from the various research I have conducted over the years:

1. John Adams Jr. (October 30, 1735 – July 4, 1826) Importantly, all are DNA ancestry   e.g., Haplogroup R1b1  (That translates to 227 years before I was born)

John was an American statesman, attorney, diplomate, Founding Father and served as the second President of the United States from 1787 to 1801.

Importantly, the key four things that give me immense pride and feel  such gratitude and respect for John are:

  • Adams famously stated “Rights come from God, not the state You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that can not be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe”
  • Adams defended British soldiers after the Boston Massacre.
    Although Adams joined with the Sons of Liberty in objecting to what he believed was unfair taxation by the British government, the principled attorney believed in the primacy of the rule of law.
  • Adams drafted the Massachusetts Constitution, which was approved by voters in 1780 and is still in effect today. The document’s structure of chapters, sections and articles served as a model for the United States Constitution, and its Declaration of Rights itemized individual liberties such as freedom of the press and freedom of worship that were later enshrined in the federal Bill of Rights.
  • He was the first president to live in the White House. When President Adams arrived in Washington, D.C., from Philadelphia on June 3, 1800, the new national capital very much remained an active construction zone. The President’s House, later known as the White House, remained far from completion, so Adams was forced to reside in temporary quarters at Tunnicliffe’s City Hotel. When the president finally moved into the White House on November 1, 1800, the mansion still reeked of wet plaster and paint fumes. Fireplaces roared in every room to combat the cold and dampness, and the first lady used the unplastered East Room to hang the presidential laundry. Defeated in the 1800 election, Adams lived in the White House for barely more than four months.

2. John Quincy Adams – July 11, 1767 – February 23, 1848) was an American statesman, diplomat, lawyer, and diarist who served as the sixth President of the US., from 1825 to 1829. He previously served as the eighth United States Secretary of State from 1817 to 1825.

During his long diplomatic and political career, Adams also served as an ambassador, and as a member of the US Senate and House of Representatives representing, Massachusetts. He was the eldest son of John Adams, who served as the second U.S. president from 1797 to 1801, and First Lady Abigail Adams. Initially a Federalist like his father, he won election to the presidency as a member of the Democratic-Republican Party, and in the mid-1830s became affiliated with the Whig Party.

                                      Picture: John Quincy Adams.

3. Zachary Taylor – (November 24, 1784 – July 9, 1850) was an American military leader who served as the 12th President of the United States from 1849 until his death in 1850. Taylor previously was a career officer in the United States Army, rose to the rank of major general and became a national hero as a result of his victories in the Mexican-American War.

                                         Picture: Zachary Taylor

4. James Buchanan Jr. –  April 23, 1791 – June 1, 1868) was an American lawyer and politician who served as the 15th President of the United States from 1857 to 1861. He previously served as secretary of state from 1845 to 1849 and represented Pennsylvania in both houses of the US Congress.  He was a states’ rights  advocate, and minimized the role of the federal government in the nation’s final years of slavery.

                                   Picture: James Buchanan Jr


To me, I now understand why it was so important to The United States declared its independence from Great Britain in 1776. It was always about coming out of BONDAGE with faith, understanding Courage. Liberty, Freewill and Freedom were always the driving factors!

Having recently re-read The Federalist Papers, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Bible numerous times over my adult life and especially deeply since  2015 – I understand exactly why County by County, grassroots, patriot-led movements and passionate Patriots founded in Faith & Knowledge have always fascinated me.

YES, it’s embedded in my DNA which goes straight back to the origins of the Constitutional Republics birth and earlier!

I also firmly believe God created man. Man created The Constitution, Constitution created Government and Government created Corporations. Importantly, here in America we must always remember, we are the remnant – the ‘base of power” must always remain with “We The People”. 



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