The 10 Commandments in the Digital Age

The 10 Commandments in the Digital Age

By Geoff De Weaver, CEO + Founder, Touchpoint Entertainment Inc.


Digital Disruption and innovation has changed the way we look at customers so herewith are The 10 Commandments of Customer Service and Customer Experience in the Digital Age.

  1. Customers are the most important people in your business. The digital customer experience must be your greatest priority! Today’s customers are getting even smarter, more sophisticated and better educated thanks to technology.
  1. You are there for their benefit. BUT, you will only benefit by providing them with authentic brand experiences at every touchpoint in their customer journey. Importantly, you must also fully understand the multi-touchpoint sales funnels that customers have come to expect.
  1. Customers should never be regarded as nuisances, inconvenient or irritations – they are the reason for your job, success and growth.
  1. Customers do you a favor by shopping with you – you are not doing them a favor by helping or facilitating their purchase(s).
  1. Customers are your most important assets. Especially since on-demand services, mobiles, social and cloud and personalised interactions are so wide spread. Your market now has an elevated expectation; their standards and expectations of good experiences are at an all time high.
  1. Treat your customers as you would want to be treated yourself. Just look at companies like: Starbucks, Netlix, Amazon and Sephora for inspiration in digital transformation. Learn how they do research, personas, study behaviors, and anticipate all ‘touchpoints’ at every stage of the customer journey.

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8. It is your responsibility to satisfy their needs and resolve problems to their satisfaction. Make sure to align your people, processes and technologies against all your business objectives, goals, touchpoints and milestones in order to map a new and effective journey for all your digital customers.

9. Customers deserve the best treatment you can provide. Better yet, anticipate their orders, requestions and purchases before they do. Know your customers, research them, follow them, watch what they buy, the frequency of their purchasing all of which enable you to deliver an easier, more enjoyable and better experience.

10. Without customers you don’t have a business. Always listen to customer and user feedback and never assume your opinion is the best. The key takeaway here is “release your product early and release it often and listen intensely. And, remember,

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In summary – always watch and learn from the new generation of “digital native” consumers – for example, how social media conversations impact consumer decisions, new apps, cool social networks, use of mobile technologies and soak up the knowledge and learnings. The digital natives are the true digital disruptors, paradigm shifters, innovators and thought leaders in today’s culture and disruptive times.

To your continued success….Stay Passionate!


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More About Geoff De Weaver:


Hailing originally from New York; Geoff De Weaver is the globally experienced entrepreneur, technology disruptor, trend hunter and keynote speaker behind Touchpoint Entertainment Inc. Geoff is an international business executive with 25+ years experience on five continents in the rapidly-changing media, digital, telecommunications, communications and entertainment industries.

Geoff has a global 25-year background of representing some of the world’s most iconic worldwide brands including: Coca Cola, IBM, IMG, P&G, Microsoft, Nike, British Airways, Wells Fargo, EA Sports, MasterCard,,, E*Trade, Nestle, Air France, AT&T, VISA, Unilever,, Ferrari, American Express, P&G, Trend Micro, Acer Computers, BMW,, Mars, Pfizer, TiVo, EarthLink Internet, American Express, Telstra, Weight Watchers and others.

As CEO + Founder of Touchpoint Entertainment Inc., the ‘next-generation’  Social Media Marketing, Big Data and Live Event Company – streams live to over 1.5 Billion  fans globally and delivers authentic brand experiences worldwide.  I help brands bridge the gap between CONTENT, COMMUNITY + COMMERCE. and delivers authentic brand experiences worldwide. Geoff also has comfort in operating in a truly  globalized markets.

C-Level, Marketing Strategy, Digital and Communications Leader with Global Experience – including: US (New York City + San Francisco), Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Columbia, Finland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Netherlands, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, China, Indonesia and Canada. Geoff has served as a non-executive director, director and advisory boards.

  • Geoff has served as a non-executive director, director and advisory boards
  • Top 0.5% Worldwide on Twitter Globally
  • Top 1% Influencer on LinkedIn and 32+ million network on LinkedIn worldwide
  • Top 1% Most Viewed Profiles on LinkedIn (400+ million members)
  • Geoff is a Digital Pioneer, Data-Driven, Entrepreneur, Business Coach + Innovator.
  • Transformative, Innovation & Digital Disruption – CONTENT, COMMUNITY + COMMERCE

Feel free to get in touch with Geoff for further information:

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