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Want to Work with Geoff?

Although I rarely take on clients one-on-one, I know that I can have the biggest impact possible when I can help people have breakthroughs in their life and business through an intimate high performance coaching session.

Having 30+ years of global marketing and digital experience, I know how identify and grow existing and new clients and brands across a full range of marketing/digital services. Having lead and/or facilitated multi-disciplinary teams, managed account development efforts, and fostered relationships with executive decision makers – I am expert at achieving account revenue goals and have an above average ‘batting-average’ on winning global business pitches and new business over two decades.

How I can contribute to my clients:

  • I help provide you with an intimate understanding of business strategies, product group/service offerings, organization, processes, and decision-making structures.
  • Build lasting impressions with clients who are interested in building relationships and loyalty
  • I will demonstrate how to build a world-class reputation for innovation, design, marketing and engineering services.
  • Achieving annual revenue contribution goals
  • Achieving new client acquisition targets
  • Demonstrating proactive ability in reaching executive decision makers
  • Working well within the existing matrix organization and receiving high peer evaluations as a team player
  • Teach, coach how to exploit the entire sales cycle, with success in targeting, soliciting and winning multinational accounts – including business valued at over $5 million  plus in new revenues
  • Expertly assemble and respond to large complex proposals (not just responding to RFPs)
  • Be dedicated to excellence and build high performance daily habits
  • Engage, Lead & Inspire!

For that reason, I have opening up a few opportunities for coaching. If you are interested, please click the link below to fill out the application.

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Build 'touchpoints' at every connection

Speaking & Indicative Topics

Geoff De Weaver is an internationally renowned marketer, global advertising veteran, new business expert, digital pioneer, seasoned public speaker with deep expertise on: Global Branding, Digital Marketing, Digital Disruption, Startups, Business Mastery, Influence, Leadership, Innovation, High Performance, Entrepreneurship, Motivation and Business Acceleration.

His primary speaking topics include: New Business, Client Retention, Operations, Marketing and High Performance. He is passionate about Clarity, Necessity, Productivity & Influence.


  • Agency Leadership
  • Business Development
  • Agency Brand Strategy
  • Prospect Identification
  • Planning, People, Processes + Profit
  • In and Outbound marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Growing Pains & Absorbing Growth
  • RFI & RFP Development and Response
  • Engagement, Proposals and Pitching
  • Prospecting Analysis and Coaching
  • Engaging with Stakeholders
  • Breakthrough Board Influence
  • Maximizing Personal Brand Influence
  • Business Development Recruiting
  • Agency Growth Consultant
  • Global Marketing & Advertising
  • Innovation & Disruptive Marketing
  • Blitzscaling & Rapid Growth

Professional Offerings

Business Consulting, Business Development Training, High Performance Coaching, Live Streaming, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Audits, Contenting Marketing Plans, Content Development and Production (including TV and video), Social Media Campaigns & Ideas, Social Media Research, Social Media Monitoring, Listening & Evaluation, Database Development, Mobile Marketing, Global Brand Advertising and Marketing.


Geoff offers global branding, business development expertise, visionary new ideas, innovation and customer experience, customized social media marketing and event production training services for leading businesses and brands (we especially love brands that love digital disruption, paradigm shifting and cutting through the advertising noise and clutter.

Partnering on clients

Geoff and his company love to partner with: brand organizations, innovators, companies and universities who want to understand digital/social deeper or with other agencies, and with an extensive network of creative people – strategists, technologists, media planners/buyer, entrepreneurs, writers, photographers, filmmakers, sporting teams, Film producers, community managers and designers – on a project-by-project basis. We also value diversity of background, skills and interests but, we put a high value on individual thought and opinion. We value passion and purpose!

Our typical working structure includes in-person strategy meetings, regularly scheduled phone calls, consulting hours, community management hours, and weekly/monthly reporting. That being said, De Weaver customizes each and every scope of work based on client marketing goals and objectives.

Geoff works with business leaders to ignite their courage and confidence to step up and step out in the way they engage people and communicate their leadership style. He is in high demand with CEO’s, CMO’s, directors, corporate executives and senior managers for his expert counsel and guidance to create face-to-face communications and integrated global campaigns that are engaging and delivered with confidence and passion to key stakeholders.

We are often referred to innovators or as a “connective tissue” for Twenty-First Century organizations, social businesses or global innovators.

Business Development Coaching

Ready to accelerate your business to the next level and drive massive growth or up to 300x?

Geoff is currently accepting applications for one-on-one, high-end Business Development Coaching clients and brands, where we will work extensively on building your business using proven offline, online, branding and social media marketing methodologies. Advanced productivity training for achieving your dreams and goals faster.

Geoff teaches you how to manage your business day, get more done, organize projects, evaluate opportunities, delegate, deal with setbacks, find fulfillment, and stay focused on what matters. These are the secrets you need to get ahead and make a difference and win more new business and grow.

Geoff offers a portfolio of digital, marketing, global branding, business building strategies, customer experience, innovation, mobile and social media strategies and solutions that are as unique and personalized as your fingerprints.

Geoff is great at connecting with customers, workforce/employees and shareholders to create powerful business value. His projects and campaigns are about interaction, and listening to what real customers have to say and what they want and desire (the good and bad).

Geoff helps you build “touchpoints” and engaging experiences at every connection. Geoff speaks to customers and not speak “at them” like most traditional brand or digital agencies. Geoff is expert in the “Art & Science” of what works and what doesn’t work online and in digital, tech and social media communities.

Global experience with brands has led Geoff to urge the use of creativity and innovation to push boundaries and disrupt categories with brave, original thinking that can create new ways for brands in offline, online and in-store to build a better world, have immense clarity and extraordinary experiences.

Geoff believes his core strengths are consulting on social campaigns, increasing productivity, inspiring clarity,  building passionate communities, engaging with consumers, establishing a social voice, creating content, establishing key metrics, and highlighting first-mover opportunities.

Geoff has experience working with clients in a wide range of industries including: consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, Internet, automotive, travel/airline, luxury, sports, retail, pharmaceutical, and entertainment.


If you have any questions, please contact me with a note of your company or brand’s specific needs and my team and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Connect with Geoff directly at email:, send him a DM on Twitter via: @geoff_deweaver or connect on Skype at: gdeweaver today.