ROCK OUT with PASSION + Purpose #Daily…

ROCK OUT with PASSION + Purpose #Daily…


By Geoff De Weaver, CEO Geoff De Weaver Inc. or Facebook: or come to our next event soon @



What matters most to me is:  WHY, PURPOSE, PASSION and MATTER.






As I have been telling my clients for the past decade in the global marketing, social media, Internet, digital, sporting, CSR and entertainment Industries:


You were born with a #rockstar voice. Use it.


You were born with a #awesome message. Ignite it.


You were born with a massive #purpose and #vision. Create it. STEP UP and #ROCKIT


‘When Action Meets Passion & Compassion, Lives Change’ ~ Geoff De Weaver


What matters most to me is:  WHY, PURPOSE, PASSION, and MATTER. 


We believe – it’s all our collective responsibility to bring an immense ability to build meaningful legacies for our brands and clients, and believe in ‘paying it forward’ .


Our ‘movement’,  recognizes the potential of leveraging the power of ‘celebrity’ to benefit charitable causes.


We intend to create philanthropic opportunities for high profile sporting stars and team, artists, bands, nonprofits and individuals via our unique social media marketing magnification platform, big data and our global live streaming capabilities.


Our Vision:

‘Touching people – anytime, anywhere on any digital device’ (hoping to start doing this #daily and making a commitment to do consistently as well – it’s great #karma)


Building passionate relationships with our brands and clients while delivering Content, Communities and Commerce with LIVE Entertainment via streaming to over 1.59+ Billion fans and more – delivered anytime, anywhere on any digital or Internet-connected device.


We want to be one of the most important companies of this generation and believes when action meets passion and compassion – lives change.


If you want to join our ‘movement’ today – PLEASE, be ‘caring and sharing’ and…. hit me on my Facebook Page at: obsessive  (Geoff De Weaver)


Or…DM me on #Twitter at


Bottom-line, and said with much #Aloha and great #karma – if you or your brand, need our input to HELP YOU WITH YOUR DIGITAL JOURNEY, BRANDING & TRANSFORMATION ! –>


We would love to explore how to ‘dent the world’ with kindest, being amazing and bring more #JOY #LOVE #CARE and #Happiness to your planet today.


AND…. #daily #commitment







  1. a respectful greeting said when giving a namaskar.



Please leave with this in mind and I hope you have continued success, you have an engaged life – live with purpose, inspire those around you and make everyday of your life MATTER.




Make your difference.

#STEPUP and always rock-out and LIVE #high-performance


More about Geoff De Weaver:

Geoff De Weaver Circular Quay Sydney

Twitter: @geoff_deweaver


Hailing from New York;  Geoff De Weaver  is the globally experienced digital pioneer, entrepreneur, global marketer, technology disruptor, trend hunter, transformation expert, author, keynote speaker and CEO of Touchpoint Entertainment Inc.


Geoff is creating a ‘movement’ to inspire passionate people to ‘pay it forward’, have heart, integrity and focus on quality and standards. He also advocates:  LIVE WITH PASSION + PURPOSE.

Feel free to get in touch with Geoff for further information:


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‘When Action Meets Passion and Compassion, Lives Change’ Geoff De Weaver 








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