Rituals & Routines you MUST adopt for success today

Rituals & Routines you MUST adopt for success today

By Geoff De Weaver, CEO + Founder of Geoff De Weaver Inc. www.geoffdeweaver.com, Touchpoint Entertainment Inc. http://touchpoint.best/, or connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/geoff_deweaver


I am a firm believer that daily, rituals, powerful mindsets, and real-world actionable habits make the difference between success or otherwise.

As I have written in the past I have long admired innovative and passionate business executives, coaches, sporting stars, and entrepreneurs who have extremely high expectations and standards.

I have always been drawn to people who believe that being good isn’t really good enough. People who strive to become outstanding and who are always trying to improve their performances excite me. Having a hunger for self-improvement has been contagious for me over the past few decades and that’s why I often write and talk about these topics in my posts.

I also think to become outstanding in business, sports and life you must ‘model yourself’ after the people who inspire you the most and who are achieving the results in the area you want. Sure, you can practice, practice, and improve slowly but daily. BUT, the fastest and probably the best way to start getting MASSIVE results are to ‘model’ your skills, performances, routines and rituals after the people who are leaders in their respective areas.

In fact, it’s ok to try to learn and discover how to do things that make an immediate impact BUT, why waste years of effort by ignoring people who have found their ‘EUREKA MOMENT’ and who are already getting MASSIVE results and success!

If you manage your state of mind daily AND surround yourself with achievers, visionaries, experts and positive, like-minded people then follow or model your routines based on their successes – you will gain momentum faster and more effectively. Just make sure you don’t let your peer group pull you down or bring you down. Set higher expectations for yourself and you will improve the trajectory of your life.

In the past I have shared with you the philosophies of coaches and athletes who have inspired me and served as role models for me in both sports and business. They include:

  • Coach Wooden (UCLA),
  • Bill Walsh (49ers),
  • Steve Jobs (Apple),
  • Elon Musk (Tesla),
  • Charlotte Beers (ex Ogilvy & Mather CEO)
  • Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook),
  • Jeff Bezos (Amazon),
  • Jim Boeheim (Syracuse),
  • Dean Smith (North Carolina),
  • Coach K (aka Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski),
  • and a few others…

Importantly, what makes all these people successful is their drive and determination to continue to grow, compete, develop their teams, and build trust, commitment and influence.

After decades of reading their articles, studying their books, speeches, watching their video’s, meeting them and ‘modeling’ the areas that would most apply to ‘my’ unique business world, I thought I would share some of my personal rituals and routines with you so you can potentially use of even model some specific areas that might make an immediate impact in your business or personal life.

Here are some of my Daily Rituals:

  1. Always get a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep. Sleeping 3 to four hours is just not acceptable, nor will it let you to perform at optimal levels throughout the day. Many Americans are in ‘sleep debt’.

In fact, recent medical studies, such as the US National Sleep Foundation indicate that, “…seven to nine hours of nightly sleep for healthy adults. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommends seven to eight hours, including the elderly. Most current guidelines say school-age children should get at least 10 hours of sleep a night, and teenagers, nine to 10 hours.”

  1. If you are in the 80%+ of smartphone users who wake up to check emails, or Twitter/Linkedin – STOP IT.

You should not start any day in a ‘reactive mode’ by responding to other people’s demands or needs (unless it’s your customer service role). I suggest, after waking up, spring out of bed in a positive and enthusiast manner and open your body and mind up with a glass of water, stretch and in my case, I start with a brisk walk, usually around 10,000 steps with my Fitbit, taking time to focus on my Health, my Purpose, getting my Psychology and Mindset strong for the day and then, start planning my productivity for the day.

Especially prioritizing the key things I must accomplish to push my purpose and presence further. Even a small daily improvement is great. Gain momentum is winning!

  1. Make sure you write down all your key priorities everyday BEFORE you even think about opening your ‘Inbox’.

I have seen far too many studies that show the amount of time that gets ‘sucked away’ in productivity and effectiveness once the ‘rabbit warren’ of the Inbox is opened. I suggest you book two-three ‘time blocks’ each day with the first block immediately before lunch and after all your PRIORITY work is done for the day. The second and third times, early after lunch and late in the day, plus only answering business related emails priorities e.g. client requests.

  1. Another thing to do especially if you live and work in a city like New York City, is to get up and stretch from your desk at least once an hour while at work. Sitting for hours at a time at your desk does not help your focus, vitality, energy levels or your enthusiasm. Try setting up ‘walking meetings’ periodically throughout the week with colleagues, as it’s a great way to get better results and improve productivity. Always set a short agenda to work thru before the walk too!
  1. Make sure you ‘block off’ as much of your mornings as necessary to finish your daily priorities and maximize your time and effort. If you are NOT interrupted by emails or by having people drop in for a ‘quick chat’ – you will soon notice how much you can accomplish before lunch everyday. Ideally, I like to block out 6.30 am – 11am each day to focus on my health, mindset and set my business priorities.

It is these blocks of time that allow me to prepare for the future and look at trends on the horizon. If you or your organization, don’t want to be disrupted, you must anticipate and prepare in advance.

I firmly believe planning and knowing what you want – will give you an extraordinary life. And, importantly arm you with the knowledge of what you want, and what you will and won’t stand for.

‘Remember, a dead fish can float down stream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream’ ~ W.C. Fields

Over the years I have learned that by modeling the business and coaching leaders that I respect helps everyone around me to live up to their potential and show up everyday. The satisfying thing I try to do daily in my life (business + personal) is to help folks believe in themselves and to help them achieve their full potential and fulfill their dreams. In all cases, leaders should do this daily without seeking praise, acknowledgement or thanks.

And finally, I always try to be ‘in the moment when I am with friends, family and clients. Great relationships are based around fun, joy, and humor, being gracious and in the present. Having purpose, mindfulness, awareness and being vibrant and tools everyone needs to display daily. I guarantee you, if you show up daily with those attributes in your life it will make a difference.

I hope this article gets you thinking about the immense value you can add to the lives of your friends, family and colleagues. Dream, conceive, believe and make it happen so you can move forward.

To your continued success. Win the day and live with intention and purpose.


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