There are some fundamental building blocks for consistently winning new business, driving results, growing revenue, building more successful relationships and improving your ‘batting average’.

I have attached some of the actual Pro Tips I have found that have given me amazing results, multiple wins and generated millions of dollars over the past three decades in the US and worldwide.

You need to create and maintain momentum every day, every week. Remember, every day you are not growing market share, driving revenue and winning is a day someone else is taking market share and revenue away from you.

An effective new business and sales team should focus not only on ‘active’ demand, but even more so, on latent demand. That’s how your business can create and maintain momentum as well as gain more business from existing clients, which is also more profitable business too!

My core philosophy is making simple and strategic changes that compound to much greater change over time. But, effort must be put in daily, weekly and every month!

My Signature Pro Tips:

How to win in a business?

Step 1: Focus on solving one problem. Every successful business starts the same way of solving one problem.

Step 2: Determine your unique value proposition (USP)

Step 3: Engage your core target customers/segment

Step 4: Focus on Benefits NOT Features

Step 5: Deliver the goods – every time

Step 6: Network and Connect

Step 7: Practice. Practice. Practice

Step 8: Rinse & Repeat


Additionally, here are some Key Strategies that will dramatically increase your sales, prosperity and transform your business or agency:

  1. FOCUS ONLY ON YOUR BIGGEST KEY CLIENTS/BRANDS. It takes as much time to service a $5+ million dollar advertising account as a $500,000 account. So, focus on the bigger and more profitable accounts first.
  2. To start, create a list of Hot 100g. Top 100 Companies based on size and scale (If you live and work in Manhattan for example, only target the companies and brands where you have ‘industry expertise’ as they are the best source for the best success.
  3. A quarterly basis, start a ‘targeted’ direct mail program concentrating on the CEO or CMO of the Company/Brand. Start by choosing and sending them the best gifts e.g. Laptop Backpack, Classic Monthly Planner, Rubix Cube, magnifying glass, miniature tool kit, Swiss-Army knife, plastic dinosaur, metal whistle, boomerang, tee-shirt, thumb-drive, nice pens, Stainless Steel Travel Mug, etc.

Focus the headlines like:

  • Tape measure: ‘Make sure you measure up’
  • Whistle: ‘Blow the whistle on rising costs in the Marketing & Advertising Industry
  • Calculator: ‘Calculate how much you’re losing/saving in your battle to dominate’
  • etc, etc.
  1. Create Hot 100 letters targeting key leaders in the Business & Advertising Industry –

Here’s a Letter that could accompany a stopwatch for example:

Dear (Personalized),

Every second that you do not get our free executive briefing, The Five Most Critical Insights into the Business & Advertising Industry, you are losing money.

This is a free Business & Advertising service sponsored by our firm to give something back to the market. This executive briefing contains more than $3 million in research, it’s boiled down to a bullet style, face-pace outstanding education on how to increase business in this uncertain time of rising competition and digital disruption. Call for your free executive briefing today. The clock is ticking and you’re losing money.

  1. Conduct Hot 100 follow up phone calls (all key markets in Business Development)
  2. Present the Executive or Brand Briefing


Business-to-Consumer Strategy (Letterbox or via email/mobile)

For example, if you live in Manhattan, target the top neighborhoods in NYC (e.g. Flatiron District, TriBeCa, Central Park South, etc.) But, the same can be also applied to markets in Nashville, Washington DC, Dallas, Palm Beach, Miami, etc. This will enable you to impact your Primary Target Audience (By demo and income) or The Best Neighborhood Strategy. Here’s a sample letter:

Dear (Personalized)

We have written to you because of who you are in the community. It is our goal to provide outstanding service to the entrepreneurs, marketers and leaders in our community. Hence, we are willing to do things to win you over as our client that we would simply not offer to anyone else. We want you to see how superbly we can serve you. That’s why we are willing to give you a FREE one hour consultation worth up to $250 at no cost to you.

Yours sincerely

(Name & title)

Establish an Affiliate Program

Target companies or services that already sell to the buyers we want to reach. Provide them with an offer and incentivize them for each new fan/client to put us in-touch with. Affiliate marketing means we ride in on someone else’s well-established relationship

Create a Hot 100 (send out every 2-4 weeks on a regular basis)

Send your Prospects and clients (part of our ongoing Loyalty Marketing Philosophy) such things as:

  • Cards
  • Letters
  • Novelties
  • Newsletters
  • Promos
  • Surveys
  • PR Articles and Press Releases
  • Coupons and Discounts from Partners, Suppliers, etc.

Conduct HOT 100 Phone Call Follow-Ups (Target CEO and avoid Gatekeepers) after every gift or mailing.

This is a weak salesperson’s approach (NO Authority and unsatisfactory approach):

YOU: Hi. How are you today?


YOU: Is Mr. Smith there?

ASSISTANT: Who’s calling?

YOU: This is Bill Johnson

ASSISTANT: May I ask what this call is in reference to?

YOU: I’m calling to talk about my product.

ASSISTANT: I see. Let me take a Message.



To make a much stronger and use Authority try this version:

YOU: Is Carl Green in?

ASSISTANT: This is his Assistant

YOU: Are you his regular Assistant?


YOU: What’s your name?


YOU: Shirley, if you’ll tell Carl that I’m following up on some correspondence sent to him, that should be enough.

Note: ALWAYS maintain your authority. Plus have a fantastic 2-minute opening worked out. Be clever, be confident (that’s key) and know your tone of voice has five times more impact on their perceptions than the actual words you use.

Importantly, build and expand a Growth Mindset daily.

This can be as simple as: Sales Affirmations to say at the start of day, before lunch and at 5pm: (I personally believe if you have a Business Development Team, you must make them kickoff and START each business Day by getting them to commit and make it mandatory to say with force and meaning – mandatory statements below with for 10 minutes daily BEFORE they start connecting with prospects or clients. Such statements could be:

  • I attract success
  • Success comes to me easily
  • I am fully engaged, confident and bring the joy
  • I feel clear, energized and inspirational
  • I love cold-calling in the morning
  • I am going to be disciplined and consistent and be my best self
  • Abundance and prosperity flow to me from every direction
  • It’s easy to be successful
  • I believe my work efforts adds real value to the world and is a true reflection of my best efforts and contributions
  • I only have positive thoughts
  • I am going to fully own and take responsibility for my success and results
  • I’m in perfect health
  • I show up everyday with clarity, focus and am a role model
  • I take full responsibility for my goals, vision, ambition and fully committed to success
  • People trust me because I am honest and deliver results
  • Use WOW facts and statistics about getting RESULTS

As Peter Drucker once confidently stated, “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”

I have used this philosophy as a key driving force for all my new business plans, programs believe this is fundamentally the most important aspect of new business and winning more brands and clients as well as winning and keep clients.

Importantly, since many of you operate in highly competitive markets, with direct and indirect competitors, nationally and globally, it means that every transaction or move will have winners or losers. For that reason alone, you have got to be consistently better and smarter at creating customers than your competitors are.

That may seem like an alarming challenge, and perhaps it is, but it can be accomplished with brilliant strategy and consistent and logical execution. Hopefully, some of my ‘signature’ programs will ensure you have steady, consistent growth, wins, success and engender great loyalty and chemistry.


The best high performance and high-purpose companies and agencies must learn to master winning new customers. It’s how well you can engage and connect new prospects and clients with your business, irrespective of their size or Industry Sector, that will ensure you have the chemistry and commitment to achieve long and lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Remember, achieving goals is as much a mental battle as it is a physical one. You need a clear, compelling goal; the willpower to follow through with massive action; and an unshakeable belief in your own ability to achieve your goals.

This is where mindset matters. So if you have the ‘software’ in your brain selected to winning, achievement and building relationships and positive thoughts – you will win more often! Make your life happen around you! Imprint the ‘values’ you want in your life and business success to achieve it all!

Finally, as Steve Jobs once said, “Half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” Stick with it. And, remember, when it comes to business, less is usually more.


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