Having outlined my ‘Listener Analysis’, explaining the differences between Presentations and Speeches, how to professionally manage your Presentations and the planning, thought and hard-work that’s required to invest in outstanding presentations – I will now provide my ‘Signature’ tips for organizing your best ideas for your Presentation – to really inspire, dazzle and connect with your audience.

Careful organization of your best content will ensure your ideas and insights will be quickly understood and followed by your audience. Importantly, if you get the flow correct, and logically located, you will have the best chance for success and a persuasive climax.

Bottom-line, organizing means knowing your objectives, what you are going to say and decide the best and most effective way to say or stress it. Basically, decide what to say first, second, third, etc.

Importantly, the first thing you must do, is to ‘pinpoint’ exactly what you want the presentation to accomplish. This is critical because, many listeners may already have accepted or decided not to accept your proposed actions as proposed in your presentation.

Make sure, once you’ve set your objective, write in out in one sentence. It must be direct, clear, concise and without any negatives!

ALWAYS, make your objective: AUTHENTIC, ATTAINABLE and SENSIBLE. Be relevant and straight to the point! If you use any supporting materials – it must be really impactful and meaningful. Otherwise, can them!

For example, if your key objective to to get an immediate decision or vote on your proposal, and it calls for instant action – always include the method for response or implementation in your presentation. E.g. Go to website XYZ and Vote YES today!

Always try to share a big idea that makes you ask yourself – ‘If I could leave my audience or crowd with just ONE KEY MESSAGE, what would it be? What would I want them to always remember? ALWAYS keep it powerful, inspirational and engaging!

HINT: The one thing all great Madison Avenue speakers have in common is they are ALL MASTER STORYTELLERS.

I recommend only using one major objective for each proposal because, it is far more convincing to the decision-makers in front of you, or the influencers in the crowd. Importantly, by keeping your objective and your decision-makers in mind, you will always ensure your presentation is targeted, lean and purposeful.

Additionally, you must always strive to create ‘mental motion’ pictures for your audience if you really want to captivate them too.

By that I mean, use all fives senses in your Presentation too e.g. sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. If you can fully evoke all those senses, you will only help boost the audiences ‘mental motion’ picture or your characters or stories.


You must instantly take control during the presentation. You must also show this clearly from the start but, always signal that you will advise or signal a break if necessary. E.g. to handle questions, lead group discussions, etc.


Here are some of the most commonly used introductory remarks I have seen or witnessed over the past few decades for your background:

  • Always acknowledge that everyone is present and indicate the start of the meeting
  • Welcome and introduce the people present if required
  • Indicate the purpose of the meeting and what you hope to achieve
  • Indicate the time schedule including breaks, announcements or meals or coffee-breaks
  • Advise as to the ‘handouts’ or ‘leave behinds’
  • Ensure everyone in the room can see the visual aids


I also highly recommend, you briefly summarize exactly what took place and what was agreed. Additionally:

  • State the follow-up
  • Thank all the participants, advise where and when the next meeting will be held and what are the next steps
  • Acknowledge the meeting is over and if meeting was a success, ensure you acknowledge that too.


I have found the elite Presenters and Speakers are always highly organized which greatly helps them command attention, interest and inspire instant confidence in their audiences.

I have attached a broad outline below, of how I generally prepare and think about organizing my ideas, BEFORE making a keynote presentation or even an impromptu talk. I have always found that this greatly increases my performance. I always start with ‘Telling them my outline’ or my TELL ‘EM Outline as a say.

By this I mean:

  • Tell ‘em what you are going to present or talk about
  • Tell ‘em
  • Tell ‘em what you told them

Generally, use this short presentation outline too:

  • Subject
  • Agenda
  • Body
  • Summary
  • Conclusion

Well organized content for presentations commands attention, confidence and immense interest too. With thoughtful organization, good ideas become great ideas that flow and are better understood. They will also flow naturally and logically and build a highly persuasive environment or climate too.

Remember: always strategically craft a thoughtful, smooth presentation by organizing your thoughts PRIOR to presenting.

This means, prioritizing your points and thoughts in order of importance. Importantly, the first thing you address must be exactly what you want the presentation to accomplish or deliver!

These proven Madison Avenue inspired tips can give you and ‘unfair’ leg up on your next Presentation and go a long way in boosting chances of your success. If you want to become a master presenter or compete with the best Presenters on Madison Avenue, these steps will provide you with a game-changer!

Great presentations come from great stories, and great stories create even better experiences! To your continued success!


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