Living in the Internet and Mobile Age means we all live in a time of unprecedented speed, innovation and change.

If you want to thrive, excel and be high performer in New Business and building Ad Agencies today, you must move beyond the traditional ‘farmer’ mindset. This is how most of us are neurologically wired after nearly five hundred generations of repeatedly a chain of decisions that ultimately led to farming and harvesting in agrarian society.

BUT, in this day and age, the skills, habits and policies we used for thousands of years must  now be modified and upgraded to survive in today’s era of rapid change. In fact, if Advertising Agencies and their multinational clients and brands remain complacent with repetition, protection and little innovation  they will fail. Complacency has become the enemy of many people and businesses today. It is the enemy of Hunters’ and successful New Business and Growth experts today.

I believe many of today’s mightiest ‘Lions and Tigers’ are super companies that focus on growth, marketing and innovation, claiming new territories nationally and globally.

They are also routinely ‘dethroning’ the former Kings of the Jungle and slower moving and thinking ‘old’ Fortune 500 companies.

The world and marketing industry is no longer defined by being stable or predictable.

If there ever was a time to step out of the shadows of the former leading Fortune 500 Companies and Leading Advertising Agencies, it is today!

It’s time for thought leaders, inspired leaders and ‘hunters’ to start sharpening their weapons.

In 2018, you must create a culture of innovation, speed, customer experience and recognize that your key advantage is to better understand the customer experience, adapt and find innovative new solutions.

Here are some of my key thoughts on how to move beyond your farming mindset to kicking your ‘Hunter’ instincts into high gear and high performance.

I truly believe the complacent big Advertising Agencies of the 1950’s – 2010 are ideal targets to exploit and feast upon some of their lost, unloved and uncommitted clients and brands – you must awaken your inner ‘Hunter’, use your speed, specialist skills, energy, boldness, fearless attitude and track them like prey!

Today, you must be insatiable in your pursuit of new business, winning and success – Eat or be Eaten, that’s the primal force all New Business and Growth Experts today demonstrate. Be a HUNTER! 

The best new business and growth experts all understand that today, you must be obsessed with client experience and pleasing the customer too!

Importantly, the most entrepreneurial business leaders today all understand to win long term, you must be adaptable.


If you are planning to outsmart, out-adapt, out-maneuver your competitors in 2018 and win an ‘unfair’ amount of new business, I  recommend that you must narrow your focus and zero in on the best opportunities in your city and/or specialist area in which you have a unique competitive advantage.

Develop new skills and start learning how to intelligently target and narrow the range of your target or prospect.

Always anticipate Industry Trends, your team’s capacity, today’s breaking news and fads and even consider unrelated growth ideas from other industries that are trending!

Besides establishing your Hunting skills and new business appetite in 2018, I totally recommend you establish your Hunting Ground.

For example, look at leading Advertising Agencies like: Zimmerman Advertising based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 72andSunny based in Los Angeles or even GSD&M headquartered in Austin, Texas – all groups dominate their respective markets, which has allowed them to ‘springboard’ into other cities and markets too!

I have been especially impressed by the longevity of GSD&M, which was founded in 1971 and Zimmerman Advertising, which has dominated South Florida since 1984 with Jordan Zimmerman leading the Hunt!

Other breakthrough Agencies that have been great ‘Hunters’ over the years also include: Wieden + Kennedy, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, BBDO and Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners in San Francisco!

I have long believed, if you want to lift your standards, better and faster, you should find ‘role models’ to discover exactly what the best folks are doing to get massive results so you can accelerate your success path too.

Why waste time with trial and error, when you can find Agencies, Companies or people like Roy Spence or Jordan Zimmerman,  who are getting the types of results you want!

Over the past 25 years I have  been obsessed with four questions:

  1. How do agencies like BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather or DDB win more business, have more long-term success and sustain it every year?
  2. How does the team and New Business and Growth Director stay happy, motivated, have the energy to win year after year?
  3. What makes certain Agencies and New Business Executives more successful and innovative than their peers?
  4. How do I need to train and what skills do I need to become outstanding in winning new business year after year?

So, after studying, watching, working with and learning from some of the legends in the advertising industry including: Keith Reinhard (ex chairman of DDB Worldwide), Charlotte Beers (ex CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide), Stan Rapp (Chief Executive Officer of Rapp Collins Worldwide, for 23 years), Alan Morris (“Mo”) and Allan Johnston (“Jo”), Jay Chiat, Tim Love (ex Chief Executive Officer for Omnicom), etc.

Importantly, as the youngest General Manger within Ogilvy & Mather global network when Charlotte Beers, was the Global CEO, she became a great role model. She made an amazing impact on my career, mindset and attitude that has turned into a ‘continuous’ inspiration for decades to follow.  That’s why finding a role model is critical to your career and future successes. Charlotte Beers was also nicknamed ‘the most powerful woman in advertising’ and ‘the queen of Madison Avenue.’

Picture: Charlotte Beers, Legendary Advertising CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide and Former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, US.

Charlotte, set the standards for loyalty and commitment from the first day I started. I clearly remember my first day as General Manager of Ogilvy & Mather Direct in New Zealand, I received a handwritten letter  from her. It was addressed to me with a thoughtful, inspirational letter encouraging me to be energized, fulfilled in my work with Ogilvy & Mather, contribute to the business and community and lead with real authenticity.

From that day on – it’s been one of the things I think about everyday to get my positive and growth mindset on!  

Picture: Mo & Jo introduced the world to Australia with help from Paul Hogan and Australian Tourism Commission


Some of the best tips I have had about the Advertising & Marketing Industry have allowed and helped me perform at high levels for the past 25 year. They were based on some of the lessons I have learned from folks I have ‘modeled’ myself. They include: Passion, Purpose, Productivity, Performance & Habits.

These themes and attitudes have all been the consistent rules, attitudes and habits – I have seen some of the greatest Advertising and Marketing leaders over the past 25 years consistently and consciously create and perform. They all live with these intentions, all have immense clarity; productivity and all anticipate positive results and have social intentions.

Number #1 Habit


I have seen that all the best in the Advertising business in the US and globally have immense passion for brands, relationship, big ideas and winning. Passion is a result and not an action. It requires creating a process to make it actionable.

Working hard for something you love is called ‘passion’ – and that’s why the ‘role models’ I listed above became legends and excel!

Some common habits I have seen in these role models include: being authentic and being consistently successful, they all break the rules, they are all excited and love what they do and we even do free. Role Models,  all choose situations to be in and people to be around. e.g. other high performers and thought leaders.

Even the definition of passion summarizes it perfect. E.g. strong and barely controllable emotion.

Number #2 Habit 


Purpose is key and it drives the path to high performance in new business, success and every business. Purpose fulfills the deeply seated that people and clients have and drive their preference for your agency or company.

Having purpose today, actually helps you attract and recruit staff and people too. Purpose brings energy, vitality to the work and campaigns at hand and helps you overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

As Roy M Spence stated, ‘purpose drives everything. It will drive all major decision making and become the determining factor in how you allocate resources, hire employees, plan for the future and judge your success.’

One thing I have always noticed with my role models over the years has been, their primary goals seem to not to outdo their competition but to be better than themselves. Their purpose is always about constant and reoccurring improvement.

Number #3 Habit 


This is critical with all leaders, exceptional people and everyone that is a high performer. Every thought leader has distinctive skills in core areas and mastered the key skills that are crucial for long-term success and winning.

The most productive people in new business or running Ad Agencies or driving Business Development,  today all consistently determine the outputs that determine success, differentiation and benefit the Industry. Importantly by focusing on just the areas that matter, they raise the standards and produce prolific quality that builds momentum.

Every great role model or leaders I have studied all take ‘massive action’, set goals and daily, breakdown the deliverables, deadlines, activities and campaigns. They all diarize their plans, daily, weekly and annually too!

Number #4 Habit 


Stepping up your performance is 2018 is about – getting certainty and clarity on improving organizational, functional, team and personal performance.

I believe whether you are running an Ad Agency or driving new business, Performance management must include all activities that ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.

Importantly, the most effective people today have vision, set missions and always set clear intentions daily. The best leaders I have worked with all understand and think about how they want to interact with others, what skills are required to win and how to create an ‘unfair’ competitive advantage.

The thought leader and best at Agency Growth and New Business all define what’s important, critical, and achievable. Always look to things that are alignable to their satisfaction, connections and passions.

The best CEO’s, Growth Experts and Influencers today all measure the progress being made towards the achievement of the organization’s business objectives and personal objectives to become even higher performance. This is done daily and never ending.


No matter if you run a brand agency, digital agency, PR Company, Direct Marketing Company or a 1:1 /CRM company – make sure you immediately start planning for your success in 2018. And, make sure you get you’re A-Game ready to roll come January 1 2018.

Stand up and be counted – whether you are a Dad, Mom, a leader or part of a team, always try to be a role model, be a champion of all people and lead people with your passion, purpose, productivity and performance.

Make sure you stay obsessed with sales, your psychology, raise your levels of excellence by at least 30% and excel at your processes, personal interactions and mastery of all your god given skills. Stay positive, strong and raise your necessity even higher.

I wish you continued success and live with passion, purpose and perform even higher in 2018!


About Geoff De Weaver: 

Since 1985, Geoff has helped pioneer the use of inbound/outbound marketing, content marketing strategies, leadership, digital, PR, innovation and social media marketing specifically for agency new business.

Geoff is one of the Advertising & Digital industry’s leading agency New Business Thought Leaders. His extensive cross-cultural expertise spans five continents, multiple languages and hundreds of companies. Over the course of his career, Geoff has won more than 90% plus of the brands/ businesses he has pitched. (Rare in an industry that averages 20%-25% success rate is considered good.)

Geoff can also access hard to reach brands and clients, fully examine and target your exact needs and requirements in all channels. I can even pitch on your behalf and happily be the extension to your company’s new business team.

Proven, in-depth expertise in Internet Marketing, leadership development, organization design, performance management, training, ideation process and communications. Areas of focus are leadership, innovation, agency profit and loss, global business development and executive coaching.

Importantly, I develop Ad Agencies, PR Agencies or Digital Agencies to discover power, accuracy and efficiency through properly sequenced and correctly timed mechanics. Geoff is a strong globally experienced strategic thinker, active practitioner, and perennial entrepreneur.

Give me a call and let me show you a better way and prepare for the future, +61 411 224 961 or send me an email:


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