My 2017 New Year’s Business Resolutions

My 2017 New Year’s Business Resolutions

The most successful and ambitious people I know today, all step toward their goals but not with a singular step. Each step or discipline is not a singular discipline or move. Each project is not a singular project.

The most successful people today, see  that everything they do—and every detail, thought, plan and discipline is strictly adhered to —as a link in the chain of events and actions that will lead them to their final destination.

Every action and every discipline achieved today is a link in the chain in daily, constant improvement, even if only 1% daily. Every action and every discipline achieved tomorrow is a link. And every action and every discipline achieved in the more distant future is also a link.

Here is a good question to ask yourself: Where am I going? Ten to Fifteen years from now, you will surely arrive. The question is, where? We don’t want to kid ourselves about where; we don’t want to kid ourselves about the road we’re walking and our final destination.

The key is to look and say and think, Where am I?

You need to ask yourself daily… What could I do to make the changes to ensure that I can take more certain daily steps toward the treasure I want, the mental treasure, the personal treasure, the spiritual treasure, the financial treasure? I don’t want to make any more errors, now’s the time to adjust my daily program to take me where I want to go.

The key is to start right now making these changes to walk this new road to success. Just a few daily disciplines makes a great deal of difference. And before you know it, you will be walking a brand new road. Always shoot for at least a 1% improvement daily.

In 2017, you MUST start – Your Action Plan,  a monthly to-do list. Make sure you have a minimum of 10 things you can do right now to improve yourself and your life. (even if you are only looking to improve just 1% daily! (That includes relationships with partners and family too!)

This January 2017, start fresh by leaving your old, unproductive habits back in 2016. Make the New Year about enhancing and polishing your strengths, your bank account and anything that will bring you closer to having the best year of your life.

For me, the things I know I will focus the most are on to achieve high performance in 2017 are:

  1. My Productivity
  2. My people and persuasion skills
  3. My Psychology and mindset
  4. My Physiology and health, energy and achieving peak performance
  5. Living and having PURPOSE in my life (daily) By that I mean, being engaged, alive, challenged, being passionate, excelling, influencing people, building mastery and making a difference and serving my friends, family and community. Always staying aligned, engaged and passionate!

Here are some of the key areas I am adding to my 2017 New Years Resolutions:

  • Live More Boldly and Courageously

Fear is a natural and necessary part of growth. Choose to embrace uncertainty by reminding yourself what you only lose when you give in to your fears.

  • Articulate the things that bring me Happiness

I will write down my top five happiness goals. For example, if you want to be more present and supportive in your relationships, list each action step to get there. Eg. Focus on health, your lover/partner, family/friends, hobbies, finances/money for example.

  • Alter and control my Mindset

Whenever I encounter a problem in 2017, I will make a list of the positive ways I could perceive it. Focus on those good thoughts and watch happiness increase. I believe by controlling your mind it will contribute over 80% of your success! 

  • Practice by being Deliberate

Tonight, list your three biggest weaknesses. Select the one holding you back the most and make a plan to improve a little each day. Change doesn’t happen overnight; be patient but persistent. Improve 1% daily!

  • Reflect + Dream

This week, make time to hike a new trail or visit a nature preserve. Leave technology and phones at home and revel in the opportunity to reflect on your life free from distractions. Daydreams are powerful.

  • Find Your Strengths and Clout

Analyze your greatest successes. Identify what you did to accomplish those goals and how it was different from the times you failed. Commit to implementing that skill every day.

  • Choose Wisely + Strategically

Struggling with making sound decisions? Gather as many facts as you can, and surround yourself with trusted peers before making your next big decision.

  • Impact + Influence Others

Money is a great tool to ensure a life of opportunities, but it can’t provide happiness. Focus your efforts on impacting the lives of those around you to create happiness in your life and theirs. Give and share!

  • A New High Performance You in 2017

As you plan your New Year’s resolutions, list three levels of your goal: A, B and C. Dream big on A, but stay realistic with B and C. Don’t forget to celebrate your milestones, no matter how small. A win is a win! Always be a winner!

  • Be Accountable + Reliable

Write down every dollar you spend to identify bad habits. Focus on reducing or eliminating one category. Store those savings for unexpected hardships.

  • Take more of a hands-on approach with my team

Always aggressively execute against your goals for the year and remained focused on sales, revenues and execution.

  • Write another Book

I love to write, and in 2016 I published over 75+ articles and blog posts. Publishing a book is, obviously, quite different from writing a blog, but I learned a lot about the process and hope to lock in a major Publishing Company in 2017 for my next book.

I believe this book will be more successful than I anticipate. I will plan farther in advance, build up more buzz and momentum for the launch, and have a coherent marketing plan in place before publishing to capitalize on its success.

I’ve been hard at work on my book for a while now I have resolved that 2017 will be the year to get it published.

  • Focus on humility, authenticity, joy and faith  

An important resolution for me is to get back to my roots in 2017.

I’ve achieved many of the things I wanted to when I was younger; launching a new company, writing more often, building a family. However, I still struggled a bit in 2016.

When it comes to personal struggles, I am my own worst enemy and the architect of my suffering. When I look back on the root causes and my self-sabotage, I find that there is a common theme: not feeling fulfillment.

This failure doesn’t always manifest itself in my business, but rather in my soul. I have been incredibly fortunate throughout my life, but yet I always want more. This yearning for “bigger, better, more” drives me forward, but also leaves me feeling empty more often than not.

In 2017, I’m going to recommit myself to humility, authenticity, in faith in something greater than myself. I cannot do everything on my own. I need my family, friends, and team members to survive and thrive. By staying centered, mindful, and aware of my failings, I’m going to avoid the pitfalls that have stymied me in the past.

  • Make all 2017 New Years Resolutions SMART.

The acronym S.M.A.R.T. means: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive.


Goals are no place to waffle or waste time. They should not be vague. Ambiguous goals produce ambiguous results. Incomplete goals produce incomplete results.


Always set goals that are measurable. I would say “specifically measurable” to take into account the principle of being specific.


One of the detrimental things that many people do—with good intentions—is setting goals that are so high that they are unattainable.


The root word of realistic is “real.” A goal has to be something that we can reasonably make “real” or a “reality” in our lives. There are some goals that are simply not realistic. You have to be able to say, even if it is a tremendously stretching goal, that yes, indeed, it is entirely realistic—that you could make it. You may even have to say that it will take x, y and z to do it, but if those happen, then it can be done. You can set a big goal, but it must be realistic.


Every goal should have a timeframe attached to it. One of the powerful aspects of a great goal is that it has an end—a time in which you are shooting to accomplish it. As time goes by, you work on it because you don’t want to get behind, and you work diligently because you want to meet the deadline. You may even have to break down a big goal into different parts of measurement and timeframes—that is OK. Set smaller goals and work them out in their own time.  S.M.A.R.T. goals should have a timeline.

Finally, we all make mistakes but the people who learn from their mistakes are the successful ones. Here are a couple of key points I will close on today:

1. Never Return to what hasn’t worked.

Whether it’s a job, or a broken relationship that was ended for a good reason, we should never go back to the same thing, expecting different results. Remember, if nothing changes,  NOTHING CHANGES!

2. Never choose short-term comfort over long-term benefit.

When successful people know they want something that requires a painful, time-limited step, they do not mind the painful step because it lets them achieve a long-term benefit. Living  this principle is perhaps the most fundamental differences between successful and unsuccessful people, both personally and professionally.

3. Never take your eyes off the big picture.

We function better emotionally and perform better in our lives when we can see the big picture. For successful people, no one event is ever the whole story. Winners remember that—each and every day.

Finally, remember in 2017 you can either climb the ladder of success or slide down it. Because technology, global markets, the stock exchange and business globally is only accelerating faster – if you don’t grow and improve, you will  slide or go backwards. So, commit to every day in 2017, add value and set daily never ending improvement in all you do. Yes, that means your family, friends, marriage, work, church/religion, hobbies and more.

Remember, passion and intensity comes from waking up daily and wanting to LIVE and improve daily. There are no ‘in-betweens’ so set  your standards high, have constant daily improvements,  and achieve satisfaction this year. Win the day and live with passion.

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