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No matter how successful you are as an entrepreneur, business owner, or performance coach – you’re always going to face an urgent need to uncover new opportunities and anticipate events. Passive “farming” sales strategies are not as effective or viable as they used to be. Today you must focus on actively and aggressively prospecting daily. Here are eleven (11) fresh strategies you can put into action today to attack new markets, create buzz and skyrocket your revenue and build your leadership reputation.

1. Anticipate the Unexpected.

Understand that great leaders and paradigm shifters today ALL benefit from profound anticipation skills for the future. By that I mean, Airbnb, Uber, Telsa, etc. all seem light years ahead of their peers, simply because they instinctively know, understand and plan for the things that might well happen and impact them. They are amazingly, intuitive anticipators!

They gain a seemingly unfair advantage by anticipating things to happen and prepare to take action in advance of the actual event. Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox and most ‘unicorns’ are NOT reactive but, highly PROACTIVE and ANTICIPATORY. They all anticipate what their customers want or need seemingly before they do.

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2. Use Video + Great Content.

In January 2014, Facebook was getting an astounding 50% of all video interactions. In December it had increased to 80% of all video interactions and has continued to soar in 2015. Delivering good video content is now a ‘MUST’ for any successful digital marketer- especially for those looking to build engaged fans. Because approximately three quarters of Internet traffic will be consumer videos by 2017 and smart marketers are using video today and beating the rush.

Great content marketing can help build awareness of, and trust in, your company and brand. Trust and loyalty is power.

Additionally, using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by a whopping 19% and online video now accounts for over 50% of mobile traffic. And, more than 80% of senior executives watch more online videos than they did in 2014.

3. Create and Maintain Massive Momentum.

Every day you are not growing market share and driving revenue is a day someone else is taking market share and revenue away from you. An effective sales team is one that focuses not only on active demand, but even more so on latent demand. That’s how your business can create and maintain momentum.

Be relentless with new business development and always remember that new business is the life-blood of all businesses. Websites, video’s, social media, a targeted database and mobile marketing campaigns are critical today BUT… never forget to leverage Word of Mouth (Note: According to a 2011 blog post, Uber grew almost exclusively by word of mouth).

4. Develop Effective Leadership and be a Leader.

You must be able to inspire and motivate through teaching people how to execute their projects, roles and jobs at the highest level. You must care about people (staff) and help those people care about one another and the team’s goals. And, never second-guess yourself on decisions you make with honesty, integrity, intelligence, fairness and a team-first attitude.

Most companies struggle with prospecting because many sales people are not comfortable with it. Whether you’re a Fortune 100 company, startup or an army of one, it’s your sales force that needs to go the “last mile” in attacking and capturing new markets. Fortunately, cloud technology and big data can be very effective in scouting business prospects.

Brian Tracy said it very well when he stated, ‘Today’s leaders are the ones who ask questions, listen carefully, plan diligently, and then build consensus among all those who are necessary for achieving the goals. More importantly, a successful leader does not try to do it alone. A good leader gets things done by helping others to successfully do their jobs.’ 


‘Successful products spring from a passion to improve people’s lives” ~ Richard Branson, entrepreneur


5. Be committed to excellence. 

At all times, in all ways, your focus must be on doing things at the highest possible level. Whether it is customer service, developing customer experiences or simply lifting your goals and expectation. Be committed to excellence and practice it daily!

6. Maximize Efficiency.

The past seven plus years of economic uncertainty have caused many organizations to downsize. But markets are getting more buoyant and expanding again. This means many businesses are being confronted with the daunting task of trying to do more with less which is like driving 25 percent more revenue with 25 percent fewer people. You need to synchronize your resources with your level of demand. Cross-selling to existing clients and brands, or other offices in your network, or staff, suppliers, ex-clients and external consultants are now critical. Social Businesses today is all about striving to maximize efficiencies.

7. Get Personal.

Thanks to today’s highly social media marketing, your business can foster and develop many one-to-one client relationships. But, it’s critical that you engage in genuine customer conversations and not just push a ‘close’. If you genuinely listen to your prospects and customers PLUS target relevant offers to the right segments, you should start snapping up the prospects who are being overlooked by your competitors. Best of all, a highly personalized social marketing strategy can successfully identify and reach the right segment, with the right offer at the right time.

Always remember, clients give their business to the companies that can solve the problems they’re facing. Make it your priority to provide genuine solutions to problems that your competitors may have overlooked or failed to deliver. 

8. Motivate Others.

The best way for you to motivate others is to be motivated yourself. The fastest way to get others excited about a project is to get excited yourself. The way to get others committed to achieving a goal or a result is to be totally committed yourself. The way to build loyalty to your organization, and to other people, is to be an example of loyalty in everything you say and do.

9. Be detail-oriented.

Organizational excellence evolves from the perfection of details relevant to performance and production. What are they for you? High performance is achieved small step by small step through painstaking dedication to pertinent details. (Caution: Do not make the mistake of burying yourself alive in those details.) Address all aspects of your team’s efforts to prepare mentally, physically, fundamentally, and strategically in as thorough a manner as humanly possible.

10. Reduce Infrastructural Requirements and Costs.

A key reason Airbnb and Uber, have exploded and grown so rapidly to become the leading lights for ‘unicorns’ they both totally understand that to excel and become digitally disruptive in their respective marketplaces they needed to change paradigms in order to shift the dynamics in their respective marketplaces. They also understood, what most traditional and modern start ups don’t – controlling and reducing all expenses is a critical part of running a business in today’s ‘disruptive’ marketplace, and they strive to be as cost-efficient as possible. Large infrastructural costs are one of the biggest issues that today’s startups face as they grow, given smaller companies’ often have more flexibility and can adapt more readily.

11.People connect with interesting and authentic stories.

All facts, benefits and figures are important but, a company or a top brand today must have an authentic, compelling so customers and fans can bond, trust and stay loyal. Like Apple, Amazon, Zappos, Facebook and GoPro, a companies story is its biggest differentiators an acts as the best opportunity for people to buy into your culture and values.

Dare to dream!

Bottom-line, we live during a time and place where it’s all about the individual. People expect products and services to work faster, be more convenient, be user friendly, simple, consistent and of course–be specifically geared for their unique preferences. If you WIN the customer’s loyalty you will win their business. Satisfied customers (or passionate fans) are the most powerful brand advocates. Leverage them to their greatest potential


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More About Geoff De Weaver:

Hailing from New York; Geoff De Weaver is the driven, passionate and charismatic entrepreneur, lifestyle guru behind Touchpoint Entertainment Inc. Geoff is a catalyst for change, business coach, digital provocateur, paradigm shifter and a strategist for success.

As a CEO + Founder of Touchpoint Entertainment, Geoff is always on the lookout for the latest business innovation, sporting trends, music trends and for the latest ways to engage with people; from mobile and streaming technologies, to live events, music, sports marketing, entertainment and customer/fan experience.

Geoff has a global 25-year background of representing some of the world’s most iconic worldwide brands including: Coca Cola, IBM, IMG, P&G, Microsoft, Nike, British Airways, Wells Fargo, EA Sports, MasterCard,,, E*Trade, Nestle, Air France, AT&T, VISA, Unilever,, Ferrari, American Express, P&G, Trend Micro, Acer Computers, BMW,, Mars, Pfizer, TiVo, EarthLink Internet, American Express, Telstra and others.

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