We are living in an era of backlash against authority, government and law, whether it be countries, politicians, governments, NGO’s or businesses.

With politicians, events and media folks like: Al Franken, Charlie Rose, Rep. John Conyer, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Capital Hill, Judge Roy Moore, Fusion GPS, Russian Collusion, Uranium One, Robert Mueller Investigation, The Las Vegas Massacre, Texas Church Shooting, All the Sex Trafficking, Fake News via CNN, Brexit, President Donald Trump’s 2016 Election win, Hillary Clinton and the DNC colluding to undermine Bernie Sanders election campaign and the systematic and rampant scandals that are shaking the ‘Trust and Faith’ in marketing, journalism and every senior leader in marketing, business and government today.

Picture (Left to right): John Conyers, Bill Clinton and Al Franken #Congressmen and #Politicians

Leaders serve others, leaders build trust, leaders take ownership, leaders have consistent behavior, leaders understand how you do things is as important as what you do. Leaders understand they need to build support. Leaders focus on solving problems. Leaders serve others. I am afraid today, Politicians are not showing enough leadership and this is impacting and having a severe impact on our business world today.

Politics today is more about ‘my team’ versus ‘your team’ today – in fact, it’s become more like sports! It’s as irrational and emotional as sport is today too. This has become a period of ‘cultural’ tribalism.

So, how to we improve the Trust and Politics going into 2018?

Here are some of my initial thoughts on building trust and reshaping the current challenges in the US and globally today.

While the US workplace, and particularly the media and advertising industries, ‘trust’ remains at historic lows as employee engagement continues to languish too. It’s easy to think it’s the other companies, leaders, or teams that has a problem.

Even well intentioned worthy-of-trust leaders can have workplace trust problems. That’s because what we think we say and do, and how we come across at work isn’t always as we intend. Our words, actions, and intentions are subjectively interrupted by others.

While you can never completely affect that subjectively, you can significantly increase your trust building odds with these three strategies:

  • First, make this your 2018 New Year’s resolution or work goal:I will create my own trust-pocket where passion, engagement, clarity, courage, energy, innovation, and great work can flourish.
  • Second, focus your own behaviors on building trust currency and operating with trust.There are many ways to do that as a leader.
  • Thirdly, seek clarity of your ideas and concepts and always be clear about your values, strengths, weaknesses, goals, passions and set out your plan to achieve them. Be absolutely clear with your team, peers and staff too.

Here are seven ways I use to build trust and leadership:

  1. Champion the contributions, ideas, creativity, innovation and talents of those you lead.
  2. Be a person others can count on to do what’s right, even if it involves risk. There’s a difference between not doing what’s wrong and doing what’s right.
  3. Operate with these trust essentials: give trust first; elevate your communication; demonstrate behavioral integrity; and build genuine relationships.
  4. Be an active role model and influencer, always keeping positive, going high with energy and control. Always under emotional control, setting intentions and adding tremendous value while developing staff and people around you.
  5. Actively decide to be a trusted boss and leader. Follow through on that decision by developing the skills and leadership behaviors you need to enhance trust. Always guide others on their successes and contributions.
  6. Acknowledge your own mistakes, shortcomings, or missteps.
  7. Strive to be healthier, more confident and less stressed. Competence increases your believability; be really good at what you do and stop tolerating energy drainers, toxic people, or poor performers on your team.

CONCLUSION: Building trust in 2018 is all about showing your team or agency the behavior you play as a role model. Set the standards and always push the team to consistently improve daily over the long-term. Be the message, not the messenger!

Trust isn’t given. It’s earned. And if there’s one basic truth that every storyteller understands, it’s that if you want to be believed, don’t tell – show or lead.

I wish you continued success and hope you continue to build more trust and higher performance in the New Year!


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