About Me

Geoff De Weaver is super strategist who directs Fortune 500 clients to define their vision, create a strategy, and harness their internal innovation to grow their business or reinvent their products. Expert at building and transforming brands, businesses, and digital and physical customer experiences at scale. He excels at marketing, business development and growth, innovation, with ability to leverage cultural acumen. He helps B2B & B2C companies deliver business results, drive clarity and build sustainable business relationships across management levels, company cultures and geographic cultures. His experience is with clients from: Boards, C suite, EVP, SVP, VP and Heads of Innovation to think through and address problems, challenges, and opportunities to create and drive successful business growth. Expert at developing  and executing cross-channel Global marketing campaigns/programs that drive brand positioning, equity and awareness while increasing engagement and sales. Geoff also focuses his efforts to create more meaningful outputs and clarity for his clients and brands. Importantly, a deep experience building brands and delivering business results through innovative use of media, creative, and technology.

Clarity & Vision

Geoff is expert at building and transforming brands, businesses, and digital and physical customer experiences at scale. History of success developing and executing cross-channel global marketing campaigns to drive brand positioning, equity, and awareness while increasing engagement and sales. Strong background in premium consulting sales, building initial and lasting impressions with clients by fostering productive relationships with executive decision makers to persuasively present optimized solutions that match the clients’ needs with available offerings and achieve account revenue goals. He empowers digital disruption, increases innovation and paradigm shifts by creating opportunities. He focuses on the latest ways to engage with people; build loyalty and trust, and enhance productivity and  customer experiences. Geoff  has the ability to analyze and glean insights from data. Geoff also has the experience to ensure a demonstrated ability to analyze needs and develop solutions that meet goals and budgets. He is also comfortable managing multiple projects nationally or globally simultaneously. He always strives to raise necessity, lift team performances and hit all deadlines and maximize standards. Over the last 30+ years, he has also directly advised hundreds of Fortune 500 brands and clients to generate billions of dollars in new business revenue and growth.

Global Representation & Impact

Since 1985, Geoff De Weaver and his team have partnered with Fortune 500 Brands, CEO’s or global marketers on five continents in the rapidly-changing media, digital, FMCG, retail, automotive, telecommunications, communications, financial services & entertainment industries. Including: Coca Cola, IBM, IMG, P&G, Microsoft, Nike, E*Trade, Nestle, Air France, AT&T, VISA, Unilever, EA.com, Ferrari, Acer Computers, BMW, ABC, BP Oil, The Walt Disney Co, Nike, Weight Watchers, Shutterfly.com, TiVo, DirecTV, EarthLink, Nissan, Pfizer, Gardens.com, Palm, XM Radio, eLuxury.com and more. I can infuse digital strategy and ideas deeply across all marketing channels with experience and skill. Experienced delivering: global campaigns, broadcast television, photography, videos, social, copy, guidelines, content, creative assets to regional and global teams. Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment with an entrepreneurial growth mindset.

Experience & Digital Pioneer

Geoff’s experience ranges from San Francisco based “start-ups to” running companies with gross income of $65+ million, EBITA 23.2% and staffing in excess of 5,000 globally. Geoff has led and held senior roles in some of the most influential worldwide: Brand, Direct & Digital Agencies worldwide including: Ogilvy & Mather, Leo Burnett, Ammirati Puris Lintas, DDB, Agency.com, Direct Partners San Francisco (Omnicom) and others within the US and worldwide. Geoff has served as a non-executive director, director and advisory boards. Geoff is committed to never-ending, constant improvement, productivity, growth and new business drive. Geoff excels at executing strategic, cross-channel Global Marketing campaigns/programs that drive brand positioning, equity and awareness while increasing engagement and sales for iconic brands. Geoff delivers compelling client presentations and experiences, while clearly leading them through the creative process to overall success. Expert at Agency compensation negotiations – effective with 3 key approaches to negotiations: hard, soft and principled negotiations.

Passion & Purpose

Geoff is courageous, passionate about new ideas, innovation, new business, change, clarity and disruptive technology. He has worked with the world’s leading companies, helping them to design, create, engineer, and bring to market meaningful products and services. Additionally, he applies innovative thinking and a deep understanding to clients brands and business to ‘tailor’ programs that help them reach their goals, business objectives, drive meaningful engagements and get massive results!

Geoff apply’s innovative thinking and a deep understanding of clients business to tailor programs that help them reach their goals and translate their brand’s unique value proposition into meaningful consumer engagements that drive results.

Passionate and Influential marketer and innovation leader with 30+ years creating customers for global brands: IBM, AT&T, Microsoft, EA.com, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, P&G, Unilever, American Express, BMW, Gardens.com, Palm, XM Radio, eLuxury.com, etc.

Reputation & Influence

Geoff is best know for helping global companies and leaders with their digital journey, branding, developing razor clarity, business development & transformation.
 Geoff is famous for helping create some of the most successful Internet marketing campaigns since the Multimedia Era (circa 1994) while based in Westport, Connecticut, USA. Importantly, Geoff can offer YOU over two decades of global results and success in new business development, digital marketing, global marketing and advertising, business growth, strategic planning and getting massive RESULTS


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Clientele & Expertise

Geoff has clients in the US, Asia, Australia Europe and all continents and regularly gets invitations and is retained by global Fortune 500 CEOs, Global Chief Marketing Officers, Board of Directors, best-selling authors, celebrities, Founders, VCs, world-class athletes, and entrepreneurs. Bottom-line, as a Digital Pioneer Marketing Expert and Rainmaker, Geoff brings over two decades of global digital experience as one of the most original and authentic strategists to offer breakthrough digital advise to Founders of a Series A start-up to a Multinational Fortune 100 company. His field-tested ideas, strategies make dreams come true for Fortune 100 companies and Unicorns today. Geoff strives to make a positive impact with all his work, always driving new business and gets ‘purpose’ coupled with clarity and necessity is the Millennial Magnet as they want to make a positive impact in the world today.

Business Development & Growth

I can help you optimize your new business strategy as well as help you outperform and outmaneuver any of your competitors. Especially helping you to meticulously, pinpoint the most qualified and best prospects, nationally or internationally. If you want to impact the real decision-makers – I can give you a competitive edge.

Expert in understanding, evaluating and determining the role a brand in complex business situations such as: stock exchange listings, mergers, Internet commerce, acquisitions, spin-offs, deregulation, diversification, globalization and infusing digital strategies and ideas deeply across all marketing channels.

I will help you design a comprehensive outreach and inbound campaign, access hard to reach brands and clients, fully examine and target your exact needs and requirements in all channels. I can even pitch on your behalf and happily be the extension to your company’s new business team.

Because I excel at social media marketing, advanced analytics and database skills, I know the best channels to help you shape the most engaging discussions and messages. Importantly, having almost 30+ years of global results, I also provide deep industry landscape expertise.

My commitment to helping you succeed far exceeds other business development consultants, PR Companies, list brokers, marketing consultants, etc.  And, if required, I am also available to help you with face-to-face meetings, phone, Facetime or skype discussions.

Geoff speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal, Professional, New Business and Growth Development, including the executives and staff of many of America’s largest corporations.

His passionate talks and seminars on Agency Growth, Leadership, High Performance, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology bring about immediate changes and long-term results.

Click here to find out more: geoff@geoffdeweaver.com

My Core Passion & Purpose

Helping You With Your Digital Journey, Branding & Transformation

If you’d like to generate more clarity, raise your necessity, have a digital transformation in your business and enjoy more sustainable growth, I’d like to share some of my career experiences with you. I’d also like to help you become more customer-centric and data driven while utilizing purposefully designed client/brand experiences.

By sharing some of the experiences I’ve gained in working with corporate and brand leaders in global markets over the past couple of decades, I can help you define and transforms your business and help you take advantage of existing data-driven and creative marketing programs.

As we work together you’ll be able to design ambitious, purpose focused campaigns,  yet achievable strategic action plans to help you establish a new, or revitalize, an existing enterprise or company. And, build immense client loyalty.

Who You'll Be Working With:

Since 1985, I have partnered with Fortune 500 Brands, CEO’s or global marketers on five continents in the rapidly-changing media, digital, FMCG, automotive, telecommunications, retail, communications, financial services & entertainment industries. Including: Coca Cola, IBM, IMG, P&G, Microsoft, Nike, E*Trade, Nestle, Air France, AT&T, VISA, Unilever, EA.com, Ferrari, Acer Computers, BMW, ABC, The Walt Disney Company, Nike, BP Oil, Weight Watchers, Shutterfly.com, DirecTV, XM Radio, Pfizer, Nissan and more.

Why This Will Work For You:

When you partner with me, you will get the most efficient, effective, and globally experienced digital transformation marketer or c-suite decison-maker . I can offer you three decades of results and success and love helping our clients do amazing things to grow their business.

You Can Tap Into My Experience:

With over 30 years of global marketing and digital marketing leadership on some of the most iconic brands in the world;  you will save time, money and ‘heart aches’ as I share with you, my extensive worldwide experience and relationships on Fortune 500 brands and start-ups. You will also, be able to share my passion, enthusiasm,  and focus on serving my clients to help them step up and ‘pay it forward’.


What Others Say:

‘ I have known Geoff quite a few years. He is a true gent, author, smart entrepreneur and a social ninja! He understands how social communications work better than any one else I know. A man of integrity who is always great to work with and to learn from.’

Russell Marsh Managing Director - Accenture Digital UK&I

‘Geoff is a thorough and meticulous professional with a wealth of experience and knowledge around brands, sales and marketing. Working with Geoff is always a pleasure provided he has the available time to work on our campaigns and projects.’

Aussie Mercedes Loyalty & Rewards Manager Optus/Singtel

“Our parallel career tracks serendipitously crossed long after working in the world’s most creative ad agency (Ogilvy & Mather) and independently pioneering breakthrough Web innovations. Geoff’s followers and I all agree that he is breathtakingly brilliant and leads the global social media field, bar none.”

Mary Olson Web pioneer and digital transformation strategist