How to create a meaningful and purpose-driven Client / Agency Partnership

How to create a meaningful and purpose-driven Client / Agency Partnership

By Geoff De Weaver,  CEO + Founder of Geoff De Weaver, Inc., and


I have often been asked, what elements are required to create the ideal and purposeful client-agency partnership; so I thought I would share my thoughts, advice on how to build a meaningful, strong relationship filled with passion and purpose. Over the past twenty-five years I have worked with many iconic global brands in multiple countries. I have also found many commonalities globally.

In fact, the basic’s are identical whether you are in the: US, Australia, Singapore, France, England, Indonesia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico or even Brazil.

I have been fortunate enough to engage with multinational companies, Fortune 500 clients, Chief Executive Officers, Legal teams and Financial Directors. Basically, it all comes down to aligning values and strategies with purpose and passion.

Setting standards for performance, getting on the same page and building an environment of excellence is a great way start and build a meaningful client-agency relationship.

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As in any vital and successful relationships, I believe that trust, respect, integrity, passion, creating happiness and flexibility are the keys in building an outstanding client-agency partnership. In fact, the great Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle, who wrote extensively on the meaning and purpose of life, stated that, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” 

In fact, I have also found, to maintain a long-term partnership it is best to give the same level of attention, thoughtfulness, immersion and engagement that you have on your ‘first date’. By that I mean, the contemplation, diligence, eagerness and passion that occurred on that ‘date’ lasts over the months, years and decades to come.

Importantly, the best client-agency relationships can last for decades, when both parties truly work together in harmony, build on synergies and communicate consistently and honestly with each other.

Here are the basics I strive for with my clients:

  1. A clear understanding of all expectations, including deadlines, costs, quality, legal requirements, building a strong and clear sense of purpose, what matters, etc.
  2. The need to commence each project with an agreed business strategy and defined objectives e.g. including metric’s, etc.
  3. The need to hold regular review meetings throughout the year and/or process.
  4. Integrate a clear, constructive feedback loop, to build esprit de corps and provide stability as well as unity.
  5. Complete information, transparency – this always leads to a better product or service.
  6. Work to efficient and effective timelines, which are mutually agreeable.
  7. Always start from the beginning, with a planned, thoughtful and comprehensive recognition and identification of specific actions and attitudes required by all the teams involved in production and performance.
  8. Teach values, beliefs, vision, purpose and philosophy.
  9. Ensure you commence any partnership by having a ‘guiding star’ in all new investments, innovations and major initiatives.
  10. Begin each and every partnership with the commitment you  wish to maintain.

Importantly, always start from a position of having open and honest discussions about where you are now and where you want to get to, thus ensuring all products and services matter in today’s marketplace. And, start from a position that all the work matters and has purpose.

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Client and Agency Partnerships start with a shared values, passion and purpose plus, set the highest standards while striving for constant improvement and perfection.

Whether you are just starting out on your new partnership relationship or journey, or you need some inspiration or direction for your corporate social responsibility (CSR) or even manifesting your ‘Purpose’ in a more meaningful, consequential manner, we’re here to help.

Please feel free to call or email me today to explore how we might work together to create a stronger sense of purpose for your organization and to enhance your company’s mission.

Stay passionate, do things that matter and importantly, serve others for the greater good, and you won’t have to spend your whole life searching for meaning and happiness; meaning and happiness will meet you with the great karma you deserve.

Finally, always remember life and business are like boomerangs – what you give you get. It always returns!


Win the day!

Geoff De Weaver

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Hailing from New York; Geoff De Weaver is a global digital pioneer, globally experienced entrepreneur and marketer, purpose -driven founder, transformation expert, author, keynote speaker and CEO.

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