Chemtrails: A massive catastrophe created by Geo-engineering

Chemtrails: A massive catastrophe created by Geo-engineering

Have you noticed over the past decade or two, the clouds above you are not the puffy, mash potato shapes they used to be? Or the bright blue skies of yesterday, are up to 30% less intense or bright then a decade ago?

Have you noticed that sometimes the clouds are weird shapes?

There is a very simple answer and it is not often talked about in mainstream news BUT, I thought I would write a short article to share some of my research on the topic of Chemtrails and geo-engineering.

The key take-away from this post is that geo-engineering potentially represents one of the single greatest threats to the biosphere.

According to Geoengineering watch (, Earth has been besieged by many and diverse scientific experiments over the past one hundred years.

Applied science and technology have seen a literal explosion of top secret and highly classified operations conducted in the atmosphere, throughout the planetary surface, as well as deep within the Earth’s crust.

However, none comes close to the degree of round-the-clock damage inflicted on the biosphere as the DARPA-sponsored program of geo-engineering.

Just one component of this secret geo-engineering program is known as chemtrails. For those who have never heard of chemtrails, they are not to be confused with contrails, which are the normal exhaust vapors ejected from jet engines in flight.

Here is a photo of numerous chemtrails having just been laid down by special jets equipped to do the job:

Here are some of the latest stunning and distrubing facts and stats on Geoengineering and Chemtrails :

  1. Geoengineers are proposing spraying 20 million tons of aluminum in the skies to reflect sunlight back into space.
  2. High levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium are being found in thousands of snow, rain and air samples around the world.
  3. Nano-sized metal particulates used in Geoengineering can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin.
  4. The US Military has a document called Owning the Weather by 2025 and has used weather as a weapon.
  5. Most jet engines today are nearly incapable of producing a contrail.
  6. There are over 120 active weather modification programs going on in the United States.
  7. 20% of the suns rays no longer reach the surface of the earth.
  8. 1 on 3 people die with Alzheimer’s (aluminum being a contributor). 

Additonally, more research has even concluded that geoengineering is also great contributing to a huge proportion of air polution problems that are causing:

Increase of cancer
• Hay fever
• Seasonal flu
• Asthma
• Alzheimers
• Parkinson
• Mutiple Sclerosis
• Autism – (which has increased 15,000% since 1975) 


Additionally, research has also highlighted , that the companies/groups that benefit the most from geo-engineering are:

  • Pharmaceuticals AND, the Private healthcare industry – no surprise there. This needs to have our new Potus review this ASAP.

Finally, with all this additional hazardous aluminum in our skies, landing on your plants, crops, pools, lakes and seas, if you are as concerned about the long term effects or impact on your kids and family, I suggest you learn more on the topic from: or

Visit: and

I don’t think Mother Nature really wants us to be messing our beautiful skies or planet up, do you agree? Also, the facts that geoengineering is dramatically impacting: weather manipulation, soil contamination, deforestation, darkening our skies and polluting our air has to start people complaining to fix and start a public debate immediately.

Please leave a note and let me know your thoughts.





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