Chemistry is critical to New Business & Growth

Chemistry is critical to New Business & Growth

I have long believed that Agencies can enhance their odds of winning new business exponentially by ‘profiling’ their new business prospects and leaders correctly. All members of an Agency’s new business team need to understand how to identify different profiles, how to build trust with each one, and most importantly, how each will make their decision.

To achieve this, you first need to learn how to ‘profile’ prospects. This can be done by listening to way they talk on the phone, seeing what they write about on LinkedIn or on social media. Then look at the way they appear, what they wear, how they communicate, and what issues/items they reveal as being most important to them.

Importantly, by profiling them like this, you will learn to ‘tailor’ your new business approach and focus, process relationship hot spots, and better understand what motivates prospects. And, perhaps it’s a combination of all of these.

You also need to be strategic in the way you choose and focus your new business tactics. You can program for maximum impact by using the information you have gained from profiling and feature it in your RFP and in your presentation or pitch.

‘If you want to understand how to hunt like a TIGER,

don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle.’ ~ Geoff De Weaver

It’s the chemistry between agency and brand or client personnel that wins new business. Sure, strategy, offers, insights, creativity, invention and buying prowess are all critical. But clients must also work with the agency team day in and day out. It’s a marriage, and marriages function best when they’re healthy, strong, respectful and synergistic.

Creating great chemistry is an art

In summary, here are the some of the things you need to do to improve your chemistry with client prospects:

  1. Gain a deep understanding and insight of their personal interests, activities and the things that make them tick and respond!
  2. Establish a deep ‘simpatico’ that allows you and your agency to be more cost-effective and cost-efficient producing more effective recommendations from the start.
  3. Research their business ‘hot buttons’ and find their ‘pain points’.
  4. Identify commonalities, i.e. what passions or interests do you share with them?
  5. Integrate your shared interests into the conversation early on.
  6. Match ‘best practice’ solutions and advice to their needs, not just the obvious ones.
  7. Produce better and more ‘tailored’ pitches and presentations that will win more new business!

Creating great ‘Chemistry’ is an art. It doesn’t just “happen.”  Importantly, great chemistry is enhanced by always demonstrating Integrity, Values, Morals, Culture, Standards and Character and Ethics. I believe the biggest secret in new business is in creating real chemistry.

Additionally, its probably the least understood of any agency’s new business skills and one of the least used or practiced too. But, according to leading Pitch consultants and research, it’s the one skill that counts the most.

More new accounts are won every month because of the great chemistry between an agency and a prospect than for any other reason. And, conversely, more accounts are lost every month because of poor chemistry between an agency and a client. If you learn how to control the chemistry between prospects/brands, your agency will find it much easier to win their hearts and minds. And 30% plus growth will be much more achievable.

Bottom-line: When your agency profiles potential new clients correctly and accurately and builds its chemistry, you win. All members of the agency management team must understand how to identify different profiles, how to build trust with each one, and most importantly, how each will make their decision. Each profiled prospect is looking for something different in an advertising agency. Knowing the correct profile determines the presentation tactics you select. And, your ‘batting average’ will show a vast improvement.

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