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Having pondered this question daily for over two decades, I know the answer contains many layers of strategies, tactics and persistence to achieve a level of competency and high performance. The key phrase is ‘high performance’, not just have an occasional peak performance or outstanding game once each season BUT, …

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  Having worked for Multinational Advertising Agencies in Manhattan, San Francisco, Sydney, Australia, Wellington, NZ, Taipei, Taiwan, etc. as well as small independent agencies –  I have experienced the Pro’s and Con’s in both big and small agency  environments. When I began my career in advertising, I viewed working at Multinational Ad …

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  Having outlined my ‘Listener Analysis’, explaining the differences between Presentations and Speeches, how to professionally manage your Presentations and the planning, thought and hard-work that’s required to invest in outstanding presentations – I will now provide my ‘Signature’ tips for organizing your best ideas for your Presentation – to …

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How To Deliver a Madison Avenue Style Presentation (Part 1)

Just as advertising and marketing have grown to be of massive importance and critical in selling and making a profit. It is also about  building engaging relationships. I believe that delivering a great presentation full of ideas, insights to the right audience, with clear objectives  – agreed and set in …

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5 Universal Marketing Principles

Over the last 25 years of marketing in various cities in numerous countries, over hundreds of different brands – one question that I have been repeatedly asked by Clients and Marketers is – What are the 5 most basic ways to succeed in Marketing and Advertising today?’ I was asked …

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What is Influencer Marketing?

My definition is: ‘Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.’ Additionally, I would like to really define the …

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The Battle of Titans: Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple

  Having first moved to San Francisco in 1999, I can vividly recall the early days of Internet Marketing and Advertising. From the days of Amazon specializing in books, Google competing in the search engine space, Apple was a computer company and Facebook was kicking off at Harvard University. Those …

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Fish where the fish are…

Having spent almost three decades on building independent and international advertising, direct and digital agencies, driving business development and new business – I would like to share some of my business philosophies and how to succeed in new business, driving revenue, improving EBITDA and strategic thinking in 2017. In fact, …

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US President Donald Trump’s Inauguration summary + FULL speech transcript

  It’s official now, Barack Obama is out and Donald J Trump is our new POTUS. Before I share the FULL Speech and Transcript below, I would just like to highlight why this speech was so impressive, rousing and poignant to me. In fact, I would say I feel more …

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