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Social media marketing is no longer just a great place to connect with old college friends, family members or even meet new friends. It has become a critical platform for brands and clients to engage their audiences and reach more relevant customers. Importantly, from my experience for brands today’s brands …

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Moving from Awareness to Loyalty for maximum impact

Having grown up in a family of Direct Marketers while in New York in the 1970s/80s, I have always found that the keys to marketing and advertising success always included an integrated marketing approach across all ‘touchpoints’ available. (digital and physical) In the early days, up until the early 1990’s …

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5 Universal Marketing Principles

Over the last 25 years of marketing in various cities in numerous countries, over hundreds of different brands – one question that I have been repeatedly asked by Clients and Marketers is – What are the 5 most basic ways to succeed in Marketing and Advertising today?’ I was asked …

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The Battle of Titans: Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple

  Having first moved to San Francisco in 1999, I can vividly recall the early days of Internet Marketing and Advertising. From the days of Amazon specializing in books, Google competing in the search engine space, Apple was a computer company and Facebook was kicking off at Harvard University. Those …

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Fish where the fish are…

Having spent almost three decades on building independent and international advertising, direct and digital agencies, driving business development and new business – I would like to share some of my business philosophies and how to succeed in new business, driving revenue, improving EBITDA and strategic thinking in 2017. In fact, …

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What’s your EXIT Strategy?

First and foremost, I have always thought and planned about what I will do if I build a successful business and always develop an Exit Plan built into my original business plan and strategies. I quickly learned over the years working in New York, San Francisco and globally, an exit …

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My 2017 New Year’s Business Resolutions

The most successful and ambitious people I know today, all step toward their goals but not with a singular step. Each step or discipline is not a singular discipline or move. Each project is not a singular project. The most successful people today, see  that everything they do—and every detail, …

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Why New Business is CRITICAL in 2017 and Beyond

With today’s clients demanding more data, better targeting, more accountability, better customer experiences and demanding cost-effective new business results for their brands and companies. How is your client/agency relationship traveling into 2017? Does your advertising or branding agency help you improve and simplify your marketing and new business needs and …

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Following on from Part 1 of my last article, where I was talking about driving new business in January 2017 (Q1 2017), this final quarter 2016 – all CEO’s, Boards and new Business Director’s certainly know if they are going to hit 2016 numbers or not. BUT, for those of …

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Planning for Global Marketing & Advertising Success – a ‘Local Touch’

By Geoff De Weaver, CEO + Founder of Geoff De Weaver Inc., Touchpoint Entertainment Inc., or connect with me on Twitter:   I thought I would reflect and share some of my thoughts on some of the global campaigns and brands I have worked with over the last two decades. As …

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