Because there is so much involved with giving business advice, I'm very careful when choosing people to coach. It's important that we are a match and I can provide VALUE for where you are in your business.

    I always will strive to over delive the most from your coaching session. Please strategically and thoughtfully fill out this Application for Coaching. It will help us both understand what you want and need for your business. I look forward to hearing from you. Stay Passion! ~Geoff

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    New Business DevelopmentDefining my target marketChanging my business modelCreating systemsCreating Information ProductsHow to better use video in my businessStaying consistent and focusedProductivity and time managementCreating and launching my websiteStarting or building my listIncreasing online sales and conversionsFocus on goals and business directionWriting, blogging and content creationCopywirting and general marketing educationCreating or launching a physical productWriting a bookHiring and/or managing a teamOvercoming fear and limiting beliefsOther

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    Whew! I know that took some thought and energy to thank you for filling out this form. Your answers help us to deliver Coaching and Mastermind Opportunities that give you the BEST chance for SUCCESS! What happens next? We review every application. You may not hear back from us right away; however, please know that we will take the time to carefully consider your answers and needs. I will take on coaching clients as my calendar allows for it.