The ever-increasing number of online videos, webcasts, newsmercials, magalogs, podcasts, webinars, bookalogs, seminars, DVD’s, CD’s, live streaming events, etc. has increased clutter in the marketplace. This ‘noise’ has forced both online and offline new business, advertising, direct marketing and Public Relations to become even more sophisticated in 2018.

I believe, to really cut-through the noise, break out, make an impact and get noticed, it is more important than ever to start providing compelling, educational, useful, well-structured and thoughtful information-driven content than any other time in history.

With Internet Marketing magnifying the noise – if you want to be successful today – YOU MUST BREAK OUT. This post highlights what I view as the optimal marketing approach.

Although most people think ‘content marketing’ is critical, I feel the major approach to promote is Educational Marketing; just like Direct Marketing which always endeavors to sell or ask for the order. Whereas, content marketing and most content marketers take a very ‘soft’ approach as they don’t necessarily want to sell.

In my mind, while building awareness and goodwill may have a positive impact or impression, only Educational Marketing – consistently uses content as integral to the sales process to attract a lead or generate the preferable – a sale.

How can your Agency stand out and rise above the noise and clutter?

I originally come from a Direct Marketing background, where I learned from day one, to always ask for the order or sale and provide a compelling offer to your target to make them act immediately. That’s why, even today, DRTV is still so highly effective and cost-efficient.


The definition I use is: ‘Educational marketing is the sharing of knowledge with the purpose of building trust. It is a strategy that establishes credibility and trust with your customers by using educational messages. Today’s consumer lives in a highly digital and immediately gratifying consumer environment.’

EDUCATIONAL MARKETING primarily understands why ‘content marketing’ is critical to your Ad AGENCY and business in 2018.


But, before proceeding, you first need to understand the four steps of the buying cycle. Content Marketing Institutes defines it as:

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

The key word here is ‘valuable.’ It’s the one thing that changes this definition from one that could describe almost any form of advertising or marketing.

Educational messages aren’t just meant to provide information, they must also deliver a message that gets a response from your prospects.

However, for your knowledge and expertise to ‘hit’ or impact your ultimate prospect at home or in the office, it must have an engaging title and compelling offer. Both need to be something that speaks to their challenges, problems, goals, etc. But, it’s also important to understand all four steps in the buying cycle.


  1. Prior to awareness a brand or client may have a need, but they are not aware there is a solution to their specific problem
  2. Once a client or brand is aware there is a solution, they will perform research to educate themselves. For example, a motorcycle buyer will try to find out what different types of motorbikes exist, and which one will fit their needs.
  3. At this point the client/customer starts comparing different products from different vendors or companies to make sure they’re getting a high quality product at a fair price.
  4. Finally, the customer or client makes their decision and moves forward with the transaction.


Yes, the best-of-the-best direct marketers are all ahead of the game on this. They’re the innovators and understand the importance of offers, know how to target and provide the education required to make sales too!

Education-driven direct marketing campaigns work because they are uniquely able to capture the prospect’s attention. They provide useful, relevant information that leads the sales pitch itself. And, they know how to convert that attention into new leads, new customers, additional sales, or other desirable business results.

Picture: Napoleon Hill made it crystal clear. He taught: ‘Give Before You Get.’

How? Using the most important action of direct marketing – the offer, with its call to action, and response device. And, as we are acutely aware, an OFFER can increase a response rate by over 30% if it’s done properly! (Only the list and/or media is more powerful.) 


Here are 12 of the most essential elements or ‘touchpoints’ to incorporate in your Educational Marketing Plan:

  4. BOOKS
  8. CD’S
  9. DVD’S
  12. EVENTS

Importantly, always add greater value at every ‘touchpoint’. Education Based Marketing means giving your clients, customers or prospects what they want – advice and knowledge without requiring anything in return.

It is important to remember that you are establishing yourself as an authority and your prospective customers will see you as a reliable source of knowledge.

Today’s most successful Ad Agencies build their business on integrity and trust, use education-based marketing and stay relevant. They can help raise top of mind with your target audience, add value for prospects and continue to find ways to help you solve problems or achieve goals.


Let’s look at some of the strategic objectives accomplished by education-based marketing and why it’s become such a critical tool for today’s Ad Agency or Marketing Firms.

Educational Marketing:

  • Establishes the Ad Agency, New Business, Growth or salesperson as an expert rather than merely another ‘typical’ salesperson.
  • Makes it significantly faster and easier to set up and arrange meetings and appointments.
  • Establishes a level of trust and respect.
  • Consolidates and enhances Brand Loyalty by enabling you to get in to see just about anyone, including the 90 percent who were not buying now, not just the 3% that are in the market to buy now.
  • Enables you to begin any meeting with real data and hard facts, the sales material at the end of the meeting has a lot more credibility.
  • Allows your ‘Presentation’ to cover everything the top and executive management want every prospect or potential new client to hear and know.

Finally, if your Educational Marketing Plan is developed strategically and professionally, it will provide your team with data and insights that will make them look smarter, more professional and impressive. This automatically makes them more consultative in their selling too!


Sales, New Business and Growth is all about building trust and rapport, not breaking it. When you sell, or pitch, you’re often breaking rapport because the prospect may be skeptical at first because no one wants to be ‘sold.’ BUT, when you educate, you build trust and establish rapport.

Your business building and growth efforts AND credibility is significantly increased when you start with data that is of value to the prospect.

Bottom-line: Educational Marketing is the act of creating marketing materials and executing on strategies that distinguish your company as a knowledgeable authority and resource in your area of expertise. And, if you are an Ad Agency and not using this approach today – it like starting a football game on your goal-line.


About Geoff De Weaver: 

Super Strategist for the Fortune 500 –  Geoff is a leading international expert on new business development, brand marketing, innovation, and growth. He has also directly assisted hundreds of Fortune 500 brands and clients generate billions in new business revenue from North America to Asia to Europe, South America and Australia/Oceania.

Geoff has successfully built businesses, agencies, opened offices worldwide, saved companies and helped clients generate billions of dollars of revenue and growth with their brands. 

Geoff is passionate about the art of influence, new business and presentation. His techniques can help you communicate and lead more effectively. As a global marketer, coach and workshop leader, Geoff makes mastering these advanced skills an enjoyable and achievable process. His sound business acumen and results driven approach have made him a trusted business advisor to many of the world’s leading organizations and their senior executives.

Geoff works with business leaders to ignite their courage and confidence so they can step up and step out in the way they engage people and communicate their leadership style. He is in high demand with CEO’s, CMO’s, directors, corporate executives and senior managers for his expert counsel and guidance in creating strategies for face-to-face communications and integrated global campaigns that are engaging and delivered with confidence and passion to key stakeholders.

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